Miles From Tomorrow Stellosphere Playset

With Christmas around the corner, now are the days that we start to see all manners of new toys coming out, ready for the big day. And basing them around children's television cartoons is the big thing as it means that children get to play with their favourite characters. 

My sons adore Miles From Tomorrow and so when they were sent the Miles From Tomorrow Stellosphere Playset they were so excited and couldn't wait to get it set and so they could play with it. 

I was actually surprised at how big it was when it arrived. Usually with branded toys, you get it out of the box and it's half the size that you had imagined, but the Stellosphere is a very good size, and looked just like it doe on television. 

We got it out of the box and followed the instructions to get it all together. It was marked out quite easily and after placing all the pieces in their places and sticking on the fiddly stickers, it was up and ready to get exploring with. 

And this is where all the cosmic explorers get to start creating their own adventures with the toy, as they play and imagine that they are Miles whilst saving the Galaxy from the bad guys, with MERC on hand to help along the way. 

Just like the spaceship from the television series, the Stellosphere is packed with loads of cool features, including light and sound effects (batteries not included). By pressing the button on the top, the whole Stellosphere opens up and reveals the cabin inside with so many features and so much functionality it’s sure to provide hours of fun. 

Initially I found it a bit weird that the Stellosphere would not stand up on its own and kept falling forwards. That was until T pointed out that there was an orange stands that pulled out at the bottom to make it stand still. I like this idea as it can be tucked away when flying the Stellosphere but used to hold it upright when playing inside the playset.

Miles can sit in the captains seat and rotate it around to open up the hexagonal gate. There is a shooter on the side which launches a wire out. The boys loved trying to aim this correctly so it hit the other side of the Stellospere so that they could get Miles to climb along the wire with the handle provided. 

They like this part as it means that not only can Miles slide form one side of the Stellosphere to the other, but they also like that it makes him like a secret agent that is flying around the playset, saving the world. 

There are so many added extras too on this set. A little net with ball that can be flung to try and score. A slide for the characters to slide down, and a telescope so that they can stargaze. Miles also has a jetpack that he can hold onto and fly around with. 

When you open the hexagonal gates, the jetpack can be clicked inside and then a button is pressed to make Miles fly off into the sky. I did try and show this in the photo above but you can only actually see Mile's feet at the top of the photo as he flies out very quickly. 

Overall, I am so impressed with the Miles From Tomorrow Stellosphere Playset. I think it is a great size and has many great features that children will love. I think it will be at the top of many Christmas lists this year!


  1. This is perfect for my nephew
    Thanks for the great review

  2. Good article, will look out for this product

  3. Kim Styles12:39

    It looks like a craft that could be made to fly !

  4. Guess what in our Christmas list.....

  5. Looks great! My daughter loves this programme

  6. This is one of the rare programmes my children don't watch, they have never been interested in it, not that I'm complaining they take over my TV all day, they do look like fun toys though xXx