Going On Snowy Puddle Adventures With HiPP Organic

These next few months are going to be the perfect time to go on puddle adventures as all the weather starts to change and we get a lot of wetness than we do in the warmer months. Well actually, it has been so cold up here in Yorkshire at the moment that we have had some snow recently.

So when HiPP Organic got in touch with our next HiPP Explorers activity, I knew that it would be the perfect time to do our puddle adventures in the snow instead. I mean, the weather is so much better when you can throw snowballs at people.

We were sent a whole host of items so that J could venture outside in the cold and wet weather whilst being protected from the elements. A pair of Puddle Buster wellington boots and coat from Frugi, a cute ducky umbrella and a whole load of HiPP Organic porridge and cereals.

It was lucky that the day after these arrived, so did the snow. So we decided that it was the perfect time to go and explore the garden in this new weather that J has never seen before. Filling up on HiPP Organic Fruity Muesli with Crispy Ducks before we ventured outside, J had warm milk with his to keep him warm from the inside out. 

Yes, he's got a fork! This kid wouldn't take no for an answer...
From the only large, family-run company in baby food, HiPP Organic is passionate about natural and organic products to provide little ones with the best start in life. What's more, both the cereals and pouches that we were sent are low in sugar and are made with the finest organic ingredients, providing toddlers with a healthy nutritious breakfast to start the day.

The HiPP Organic range of tasty Porridge Pouches are the only porridge in a pouch available in the UK and are packed full of scrumptious 100% organic fruit (each pouch containing one of your five a day) and wholegrain cereal, with no added sugar, only natural occurring sugars. 

And so, with his tummy full and his jacket and wellies put on, we were ready to hit the garden to go on our adventures in the snow. J was a bit apprehensive at first. He's never seen snow before and didn't really want to stand in it initially. 

Walking gingerly onto the path, he knelt down and poked at the snow, pulling his hand quickly away when he felt the cold. After trying to pick the snow up a few times, he gave up with the coldness and went to wading through it instead. 

Stamping around in his wellies, J loved the footprints he was making in the snow and jolted around the garden to create his own little footprint pathway. Then he got a little splashy. Trying to hop and jump into the snow, giggling as his feet squelched into the snow when he bounded around.

It started getting a little too cold to be outside and so after a little play, we took to going back into the house to hide away from the incoming freeze. J had loved his day having adventures in the snow, and although it wasn't really puddle adventures, he got to splish and splash in the snow, which was so much fun!

HiPP Organic has a great range of products perfect for breakfast. Visit the HiPP Organic website for more details.


  1. My nephew loves his advenyures tuu
    Hes such a fussy eater

  2. Kim Styles16:45

    I love wet outdoor play especially puddle jumping the whole family are involved in that followed by wonderful bubble baths

  3. So cute! I love the jacket and boots! The muesli looks really good.

  4. Megan's waterproofs are a god send, especially as we have to wait half hour for a bus home after school as we have moved but don't want to unsettle her, I get drenched but asking as she's OK I don't mind xXx

  5. Puddle jumping is a great free activity for rainy days - just pop on the jumpsuit and wellies and hit the puddles running! good for adults too!!!!