Christmas Gift Guide For Younger Boys

I adore Christmas and have done since I was a child. It's such an important day for children as they are on their best behaviour, waiting for the big man to come a deliver their presents. Opening presents to see what they've got and then spending the rest of the day waiting for parents to build the damn things!

Today I wanted to show what is on offer this year and so this is my 2016 Christmas Gift Guide For Younger Boys...

K-FORCE Flash Fire Motorized Blaster | K'NEX | £39.99
Now you can blast darts faster than ever! Build your very own blaster, load the clip with up to 10 darts, and the new motorised rapid fire chamber will fire darts as fast as you can pull the trigger! This set comes complete with one motorised rapid fire chamber, a 10 dart clip, 10 foam darts, one quick fit grip and downloadable instructions for six additional custom blasters and targets. 

SCRIBALL | Mitre | £10
Scriball is a unique and fun new gift from football experts, Mitre and is guaranteed to bring a twist to this year's Christmas gifting. Not just any football, it won't only have your kids kicking and throwing it, their creative juices will be flowing as it includes everything they need to decorate and create their very own keepsake ball. There are three different Scriballs to collect with different cartoon characters – Oodles (the goalie), Mumbos (the strikers) and Zongs (the defender). Each comes in a colourful easy to wrap box that includes a mini pump and set of funky felt tip pens.

Leaping Letters | LeapFrog | £14.99
Leaping Letters is the perfect gift to bring out the competitiveness in children in an educational way. It is a fast-action alphabet game where players race against the clock to put all the letters in their correct spots. If time runs out before all the letters are replaced, they go pop! Push down the base and set the timer dial to different colours based on different challenge levels, then place in their spots before they pop. 

Star Wars Virtual Reality Viewer | Wow! Stuff | £15
Suitable for both children and adults, the range includes designs of the popular classic characters C-3P0, Darth Vader and R2-D2, as well as the iconic Stormtrooper design, plus BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The Star Wars VR Viewer lets users explore virtual reality worlds in 3D with a full 360-degree view, watch films and videos or play games. Compatible with almost any smartphone.

Discovery Kids 40mm Astronomical Telescope | Trends UK | £19.99
For those lovers of the stars and beyond, this fab Discovery Kids 40mm Astronomical Telescope features a 25-50X magnification objective lens and includes two eyepieces (20mm and 10mm) and tripod. This product is a STEM product which promotes exploratory learning.

BABY Born Interactive Boy Doll | BABY Born | £37.99
Having a doll is a great way for boys to explore their nurturing side. I mean, we all want our sons to grow up to be great dads so having a doll is their own way of learning from young. BABY born Boy is so cute and has nine features, none of which require batteries, make the role play even more exciting and realistic. He can drink from his bottle and eat his BABY born® porridge from his plate using a spoon. And whatever goes in, needs to come out again of course: he can wet his nappy and go potty for peeing and pooing by click.

Baby Annabell Doll | Baby Annabell | £49.99
And if your child wants a doll, then how about a little girl with the Baby Annabell doll. Baby Annabell is almost like a real baby with her lifelike functions. She responds to touches, can cry real tears and loves her bottle. If you gently rock and sway Baby Annabell she slowly closes her eyes and falls asleep. When the doll is given her bottle, she will move her mouth and eyes as she sucks and she will happily babble to herself afterwards. In case she ever cries real tears, she will be happy again in no time thanks to the dummy, included in the set and you can always change her nappy as this Baby Annabell wets herself too. 

Count & Crawl Kitty | LeapFrog | £14.99
Count & Crawl Kitty is the perfect gift to help develop kids mathematics knowledge from a young age. Count & Crawl Kitty makes simple counting fun and easy for little ones. Pressing the keys on Kitty’s back teaches children numbers one - 20 and creates fun music and teaches counting as well as engaging with children through play. 

Pull Along Giraffe | Hape Toys | £9.99
From a young age, it is ideal to allow your little ones to push pull and grab which helps development  and learning new skills. The Pull Along Giraffe is a great way to get little ones playing and developing their motor-skills. 

Personalised Alphabet Poster | Lost My Name | From £12.99
Just like their books, the Personalised Alphabet Poster gives us the incredible magical power to personalise every detail. Learning letters and words is one long alphabet party full of curious and fantastic adventures. Can your child spell out their name using the animals?

Winnie The Pooh 2.5 tog Sleeping Bag | Babies R Us | £29.99
The aden by aden + anais Disney collection means that little ones can see their old friends in a whole new light. Some of Disney’s most beloved characters – including Winnie the Pooh + Tigger, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse – have been re-imagined in a range of fresh and new graphic prints. The Winnie The Pooh 2.5 tog Sleeping Bag is beautiful decorated and comes in sizes from 0-24 months. 

Sweet Champions Sweets | Sweet Champions | Prices Vary
Sweet Champions selection tubs make a great alternative to Christmas chocolate selection sets, packed with nostalgic goodies perfect for any age. A great way to share a sweet or two this Christmas. They also have fun, fizzy stocking fillers with their Refresher Softies, Fruit Salad Softies and Wham Minis.  

Fun Travel Packs | Keep 'Em quiet | From £9.99
Keep 'Em Quiet offer fun travel packs that can be adapted to suit the gender, age and length of journey (short, medium and long haul). The contents include puzzle and entertainment books, craft activities, healthy snacks and all kinds of goodies to keep them occupied and are incredibly good value - if you were to buy the contents separately, they would cost 70% more. The bags are cleverly designed so they can be worn as backpacks too. The company really have thought of everything!  These would make a lovely Christmas gift for kids going away over Christmas, or just to keep them occupied while you're getting on with Christmas dinner preparations!

Bunny Slopes | Abrams and Chronicle | £9.99
Time to tackle the bunny slope! Shake to help Bunny make it snow, tilt to help Bunny ski down the slope, and turn to help Bunny escape a cliff in his path. Is there any obstacle Bunny can't conquer? Bringing grins with each turn of the page, readers will find Claudia Rueda's innovative bookmaking as entertaining as the twists and turns of a ski slope.

Cloth Lullaby | Abrams and Chronicle | £11.99
Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010) was a world-renowned modern artist noted for her sculptures made of wood, steel, stone, and cast rubber. Her most famous spider sculpture, Maman, stands more than 30 feet high. Just as spiders spin and repair their webs, Louise's own mother was a weaver of tapestries. Louise spent her childhood in France as an apprentice to her mother before she became a tapestry artist herself. She worked with fabric throughout her career, and this biographical picture book shows how Bourgeois's childhood experiences weaving with her loving, nurturing mother provided the inspiration for her most famous works. With a beautifully nuanced and poetic story, this book stunningly captures the relationship between mother and daughter and illuminates how memories are woven into us all.

Ada Twist | Abrams and Chronicle | £10.99
Like her classmates, builder Iggy and inventor Rosie, scientist Ada has a boundless imagination and has always been hopelessly curious. Why are there pointy things stuck to a rose? Why are there hairs growing inside your nose? When her house fills with a horrific, toe-curling smell, Ada knows it’s up to her to find the source. What would you do with a problem like this? Not afraid of failure, Ada embarks on a fact-finding mission and conducts scientific experiments, all in the name of discovery. But, this time, her experiments lead to even more stink and get her into trouble!

Allotinabox | What You Sow | £15.95
An allotment in a box - the perfect gift for budding growers. The box features exclusive seed ranges and a special homegrown Scrubs Up Soap which has been developed with natural ingredients to be kind to your hands after a day out digging the plot. As well as twine, plant tags and a Herb Grow Wheel, it gives you the tools to be able to stat your own herb garden. A great way for kids to learn about growing their own things. 

Grow Your Own | Espresso Mushroom | £17.95
A feast for your eyes, treat for the taste buds and a fantastic gift for your child this Christmas. Kitchen Gardens from the Brighton-based startup Espresso Mushroom Company will help you give your loved ones something to really write home about. The unique Kitchen Garden kits are simple to use, reliable, and offer a fun grow-your-own experience. The beautiful bouquets of richly nutritious oyster mushrooms grow in four easy steps - just open the box, water, grow and harvest the mushrooms less than two weeks.

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things | DK Books | £14.99
Full of fun facts, colourful illustrations, and games that will feed a child's imagination and quench their thirst for knowledge, whilst supporting the National Curriculum. My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things is the perfect book for children from 4 - 7 years of age.

Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know | DK Books | £17.99
Fantastic facts, incredible info and uncanny trivia about the Super Heroes and villains of the Marvel Comics Universe. Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know is packed with fun facts, bizarre-but-true tales and quirky insights in everyone's favourite Marvel comic characters, including The Avengers, Spider-Man and Daredevil. Discover why the Hulk comes in three different varieties - green, grey and red, and how a frog once gained Thor's powers!

HARIBO Sweets | HARIBO | Prices Vary
HARIBO Starmix & Tangfastics Crackers are perfect stocking fillers this Christmas. Coming in a cracker shaped tube, these offer the perfect sweet gesture that's great tasting and great value. The HARIBO Mega Stars Selection Box includes mini bags of HARIBO favourites - Starmix, Tangfastics, Super Mix, Goldbears, Jelly Babies and Giant Strawbs. 

Adopt a Donkey | Donkey Sanctuary | £24
The Donkey Sanctuary is dedicated to improving the lives of donkeys across the UK and worldwide. Many of the donkeys rescued by the Sanctuary have experienced neglect or abandonment, and through their adoption scheme, anyone can adopt a donkey and sponsor them for life to ensure they will never want for warmth, care or food again. Adopters will be part of their donkey’s lives forever, and each person who adopts a donkey also receives an adoption pack which includes a framed portrait, four beautiful postcards, a certificate and their donkey’s story and regular updates about their donkey.

Itty Bitty's | Hallmark UK | £5.99
Itty Bitty's are Hallmark's plush toy collection. These are great presents for children or collectors and could work really well for stocking fillers as they are so itty bitty! They have ranges for various Film/TV series including, Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars and Wizard of Oz. A great way to start a kids new collection. 

Graphik Line Painter Pens | Derwent | £15.95
Graphik Line Painters are a fine line paint pen filled with lightfast, permanent, opaque waterbased paint in 20 colours. The 0.5 Japan nib is robust and delivers a fluid paint line. Derwent’s Line Painters are the innovative pen, that has a liquid that flows like ink but can be manipulated like paint.

Converse Star Player 3V Trainers | Get The Label | £15.99
These Converse Children Boys Star Player 3V Trainers in Black are a stylish take on the skater fashion trend. Featuring a simple lace fastener, these sneakers are at the height of casual fashion. They have a rubber toe piece and a rubber mid sole as well as an All Star tab logo on both the heel and side of the sneakers, 

Christmas Jumpers | Nutmeg at Morrisons | From £7
Christmas jumpers are the perfect way to dress this December and Morrisons have so many to offer this year. From their Nutmeg children's clothing range, and priced from £7, these jumpers will keep the young ones warm and cosy whilst having fun Christmas slogans or animals on the front. 


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  8. Leap frog toys are an all round favourite.