Visiting The Smiggle Leeds Store For The #SmiggleXmasParty

It's not often that we go to blogging events as they are usually down London way so when we got an invite to an event, it was nice to see that it was up North for a change and that we could go. 

Last week I eventually got to get out and meet some lovely bloggers, when Smiggle had their #SmiggleXmasParty up in Leeds which isn't too far away at all. The Smiggle store is in the Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre in central Leeds, a couple of minute walk away from the train station, so it is super easy to find. 

The Smiggle event gave us an exclusive preview of their products at their event which was held early on a Sunday morning. If you've never been to a Smiggle store before then just imagine a rainbow which holds all of your stationery needs. 

We were left to our own devices for around an hour. Able to browse the store at our leisure and play with check out all the products they had available. The whole store is just bright and bold and has beautiful patterns all around. 

The staff were walking around the store, helping bloggers and showing what the products did, explaining the scents (yey, scented pencils!), and just being absolutely lovely, especially with the children, being patient as they showed them the products. 

We were shown the brand new Smiggle advent calendar, which is priced at £28. This contains an exclusive Smiggle item behind every door wit a surprise item in the last one. As you can imagine, this was popular amongst us all and something that I think everyone would like to be popping open during December. 

There were many items that the boys picked out and just had to tell Santa about so that they could put them on their list for Christmas. The pop out scented party pencil case was a favourite amongst the little ones. Not only could you pick out your favourite colour, but they all had their own scent too. And hidden in little compartments were a tape dispenser, a rubber, scissors, a sharpener and a ruler. A nifty piece of kit this was!

And of course, the scented pencils were sniffed by nearly everyone in the store. The Island Punch were lovely whereas the boys loved the cola and chocolate ones. They even have pens that have a pop off head!

Getting to meet other bloggers was great as it's something that I don't get to do often. I speak to Nikki from Keeping Strong and Moving Forward quite a lot but we have never actually managed to cross paths. That was until now anyway. It was nice to eventually speak to someone in person rather than a computer screen. 

Towards the end of the event, C started to get a little restless. To be honest, I was surprised that he'd lasted that long as his anxiety usually plays up when he's in a busy environment, but I think the stationery allure swamped his mind for the most part. We said our goodbyes, collected our goody bag and off we popped to have some cheeky lunch before going home to see the surprises that we'd been gifted.  

Not only had the boys got one of the pencil cases that they'd been lusting after in store, but they got some of the scented pencils, party pop pens and coordinating sharpeners too. The car pencil case lights up too. And in all honesty, the stencil activity book has been used the most of all as it has little plastic stencils inside so kids can draw their own critters. 

The Smiggle event was so much fun and gave the kids such a lovely day out. Not only that but I think their bright, fun stationery will get just about anyone wanting to write and draw!


  1. I really have to visit a Smiggle store.... love stationery. Best I start saving lol

  2. Definitely need to visit love smiggle

  3. We have a store near us now and the kids always want lots of things from there. So tempting. My son has their advent calendar this year :-)


  5. My girls would love this store

  6. Going to the one in Bury tomorrow as thats our nearest
    GGreator Christmas treats

  7. Really enjoyed this one 😀

  8. Looks like you all really enjoyed yourselves, they do lovelyroducts, my daughter has the advent calendar and absolutely loves it xXx