4 October 2016

LIFE Mobile | A Little Update Of My Maxi Tariff

Being someone who works online every day, it is hard to try and keep one eye on the ball at home whilst juggling my online presence. I used to always have my laptop at the side of me, regularly missing my children's firsts because I was too concerned with looking over to my right to work. 

That's when I realised that something needed to change and I invested in myself a little and bought a smartphone so that could keep track of my online world, and reply to emails, whilst out and about, getting home stuff done too.

But then of course that would put my online use at the mercy of of SIM card and if the Internet was having a slow day, I would be too.

You might remember that a couple of month ago I wrote about how I was trying out LIFE Mobile to see how their Maxi tariff worked for me and so I thought I would do a little update to show how this SIM package has done over the past few months. 

Just to remind you, LIFE Mobile runs on the UK's biggest 3G network - EE, and offers a range of SIM Only tariffs to suit the needs of the user. Established in 2013, they have now connected over 150,000 customers to their network, who will all benefit from their amazing contracts at fabulous prices.

I am currently using the Maxi tariff which gives me 4,000 minutes, 5,000 texts and 4GB of internet per month (included allowance is for use within the UK) for £13.95 per month. This gives me plenty of everything that I need and more each month.

Since using the LIFE Mobile SIM I have changed my phone from the Samsung Galaxy S6 to the iPhone 6. This was partly down to preferring iPhone's, but mostly down to the fact that little hands got hold of it and decided to see whether it could bounce (it couldn't!) and the SIM has worked fine in both phones, allowing me to do anything and everything that I have needed to do.

Now obviously, like any provider, you don't always get a full 100% connection. There have been times that it has dropped, but I would say that it has been no different to other providers I have used for the past few years.

And also, on the plus side for LIFE Mobile, when we travelled to both Liverpool and Scarborough on the train, I got full connection the whole train ride to each destination (barring going through tunnels where no one can connect) whereas my husband couldn't get a signal once we were in the countryside. 

Personally, my favourite feature is the Smart Cap Buffer which is set at any amount you choose so that you cannot use over that amount per month, giving full peace of mind that you're not going to get a massive bill at the end of the month. 

If you do reach the Smart Cap limit, all chargeable services will be suspended until your next bill is produced. You will still be able to use all of your inclusive minutes, texts and data allowance during this time. 

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the connectivity of my LIFE Mobile SIM card. It is something that I never expected I would love as much as I do. It has given me a great way to get online through my phone and an amazing deal on calls, texts and my internet each month. 

To see how LIFE Mobile would work for you, check out their Coverage Checker, where you can also find out more information about LIFE Mobile and their 30 day SIM Only contracts,

- This post is in collaboration with LIFE Mobile who have given me a 
Maxi SIM card for me to give my honest, unbiased opinion.


  1. What awesome tariff. I never heard of Mobile Life. Will look it up. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds great, I have never heard of this before