Healthy Family Meals from HelloFresh

As a family of 5, it is hard to find meals that we all like, and to figure out new ways to juzz up old meals to create ones that we all will like. It had ended up with us just eating to same things over and over, stuck in a rut.

So, when HelloFresh got in touch and asked if we would like to try their boxes, I knew that it would be the perfect time to get us all eating new things. 

After checking their site, I come to the conclusion that the Family Box would work best for us as it gives enough of each meal to feed 2 adults and 2 children. Well there are 5 of us but J is only small so I was sure that we could make do.

The Family Box comes with special recipes that kids and adults alike will adore. HelloFresh's Family Box is created with families in mind. Hold back on the spice and choosing nutritious ingredients that kids and adults love to eat. 

They say that it will make dinner time so much easier; with no more meal planning or grocery shopping. So you can relax, spend more time with your family and know that dinner will be delicious and nutritious.

Our first box arrived and I was shocked at just how much you get in the box. The recipe cards were great and not only showed how to create each meal, step by step, but also showed exactly what needed to go in to each meal. This was great for when we sorted through the box and could section off each meal so we knew what needed to go in each. 

Then it was time to give it a go. I got all my ingredients together and got ready to make the mustard and herb crusted pork with roasted new potatoes and tenderstem broccoli. I followed to recipe, making sure to do everything exactly when told to do so. 

Cutting up the herbs, rolling the pork in the mustard an then the panko breadcrumbs and herbs, frying the broccoli. It was quite an easy recipe to follow and smelled divine whilst it was cooking. I plated it all up and then snapped a photo on Instagram, like you do, before devouring it. 

And it was all gone. All of us ate it up. There was enough for all 5 of us, plenty in fact. I was surprised, and I think the whole family too in fact, that I made this whole meal by myself, from fresh. 

This followed on through the week. The Family Box can have either 2 meal choices or 4 (we had 4) which were all packed into the box and laid out ready to be made. We came on to oven baked Greek style meatballs with orzo and vegetables. 

To be honest, I didn't have a clue what orzo was, in fact I had to Google it. I found that it is a rise-shaped pasta which makes the perfect accompaniment to meatballs. And again, this recipe was easy to follow and make, coming out all lovely and juicy. 

But this was the one I didn't like. Not that it had anything to do with the meal itself. This was the day I realised that I don't like courgette. That didn't stop the kids from eating it though, they didn't even notice the new veg they were trying. 

I guess that's it though. This box gives you more chance to try out new foods, new vegetables, to see what you like and to cook with them. When it came to the next meal, I was apprehensive. Korean beef bulgogi, if I'm honest, didn't sound too appetising. 

I decided to give it a go anyway to see whether my opinion would change once I'd made it, cooked it an seen exactly what was in it. And it did. The fragrance whilst cooking it was mesmerising. And the ginger just had a scent of far away lands. 

It was divine. It was beautiful and it was a meal that even my fussy husband would eat with no difficulty at all. Actually, this was one of the easiest meals to make. 

Chicken is one our the big meats that we eat in our household so finding new recipes for this is always great. Southern style chicken and sweet potato chips was next on the menu and so it was lovely to get to grip with this new coating. 

Again, in the difficulty stakes, it's a 2, but I actually think this was super easy to make. Just a case of coating the chicken in all of the ingredients, from crème fraîche to smoked paprika, cutting the sweet potato in to wedges for cooking and then cutting up the salad, 

Easy peasy...

The chicken was soft and moist, and the breadcrumbs were crunchy and flavoursome. Okay, I'm not quite a fan of sweet potato but it worked well as a meal and the kids loved them which is always a good thing. 

Lastly was one of my favourite meals of all. Grilled chicken with coriander and honey infused Greek yoghurt and ginger rice. Now this meal came with courgette as a veg but as mentioned above, I don't like courgette. Instead, I opted to swap this out for broccoli and I actually found that this made a great meal like that any way. 

The Greek yoghurt with the honey made for a scrumptious coating on the chicken whilst that ginger made the rice zing. You got a little kick from the chilli flakes but this just made the meal come together so much and added another layer to the depth of flavour. 

It was amazing. In fact, the whole 2 weeks worth of boxes were amazing. Not only did they get me and the kids trying new foods and meals, but it showed that you can create new flavours with coatings, sauces and herbs. 

When I first signed up to do this, I initially though that the box worked out quite expensive, but over the course of trying the meals, seeing how much you get and that everything is fresh, I think that it is worth the money and I can't wait to start ordering more boxes so that we can try more new meals. 


  1. These meals look delicous I've been thinking of trying out hello fresh but was thinking they a bit pricey.

  2. They do look fabulous an certainly make life so much easier

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  4. Tried it once - wasn't impressed. The chicken was off and the company didn't care.