Having Fun On Two Wheels

Anything with wheels are a favourite in our household. If it moves, it's loved. This also includes the likes of bikes and scooters. The boys can't get enough. 

C is still struggling with his bike and can't quite grasp how pedal work. His anxiety plays a big part into why he is so scared, but he'll get there in the end. It just takes a bit of patience. T, on the other hand, can now pedal without stabilisers and is about to go to the next size bike, a 20" one. 

They both do adore their scooters though, forever scooting all around, across the street and speeding down the hill to see who can win, as it always seems to be a race. 

T has really come a long way with his scooter skills. I think he wants to be a little indy kid. Scooting off and trying stunts, even at the park he will ask if he can go up to the skate park so he can try out some of the ramps. 

Early this year, we were invited to be GORE-TEX Big Day Ambassadors and have been sent a pair of shoes for each of the boys so they can wear them whilst trying on their adventures and write about them along the way.

These GORE-TEX Superfit Tensy SURROUND shoes are the ones for T when it comes to looking good. He loves footwear, especially pump-like shoes and so these were instantly a hit with him. 

GORE-TEX shoes engineered with SURROUND product technology offer 360 degree climate comfort for your feet. They are durably waterproof and highly breathable all around the foot. Thanks to their open sole construction your feet stay dry and comfortable even at higher temperatures.

It means that T can scoot around all day, practising his jumps, his stunts and his speed, and they still keep his feet protected with their super durability and cool too as the technology makes sure to keep little feet dry and ready to tackle anything. 

Now he can scoot around to his hearts content, which makes him happy too...


  1. Love the Gore-Tex shoes. Great way to keep actif and have fun.

  2. The shoes look great, my girls love their scooters

  3. Looks fabulous fun

  4. Looks fabulous fun

  5. My two girls never put their scooters away :)

  6. The scooter looks a great fun way for a child to get around, a simple yet brilliant product.

  7. Anonymous09:59

    Looks like a lot of fun!

  8. My nephew would love this beauty

  9. my children loved their scooters and used to have tinsels and other bit and bobs hanging from the handles!