Visiting The Smiggle Leeds Store For The #SmiggleXmasParty

It's not often that we go to blogging events as they are usually down London way so when we got an invite to an event, it was nice to see that it was up North for a change and that we could go. 

Last week I eventually got to get out and meet some lovely bloggers, when Smiggle had their #SmiggleXmasParty up in Leeds which isn't too far away at all. The Smiggle store is in the Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre in central Leeds, a couple of minute walk away from the train station, so it is super easy to find. 


Healthy Family Meals from HelloFresh

As a family of 5, it is hard to find meals that we all like, and to figure out new ways to juzz up old meals to create ones that we all will like. It had ended up with us just eating to same things over and over, stuck in a rut.

So, when HelloFresh got in touch and asked if we would like to try their boxes, I knew that it would be the perfect time to get us all eating new things. 

After checking their site, I come to the conclusion that the Family Box would work best for us as it gives enough of each meal to feed 2 adults and 2 children. Well there are 5 of us but J is only small so I was sure that we could make do.


Can We Fix It? Yes We Can! With The Bob The Builder Toy Range From Smoby

Boys and their tools eh! It's like something in their brain, it just clicks and whenever they see a screwdriver they just have to try and unscrew anything and everything in sight. And this is true for my brood. No matter what it is. If it's got a screw in it, it can be fixed. 

Because everything is broken according to boys...

And it's not just the handy screwdriver. Anything can be banged if you have a hammer to hand. Anything can be cut if there's a saw nearby. They just love fixing things, and making a noise of course. 


Growing Apples with Dobies of Devon

Now our garden is sorted and secure, we are in the process of sprucing it up so it looks lovely when we are sitting outside. For this, we have looked in to plants and flowers that will give us a year-round look. 

Over the next few months we'll slowly be planting in the flowers and plants so that every day of the year, there will be suitable flowers in bloom to make our garden attractive. 


Whacky Penthouse Wooden Playhouse from Big Game Hunters

A couple of weeks ago we started getting our garden sorted. It's something that we've wanted to do for ages but with the cost of a new fence being astronomical, we didn't want to create our beautiful new garden when it wasn't totally private. 

Eventually we were able to get our fence put up and so had all this space, to create whatever we waned to. Having the fence seemed to give us the look of so much more space and we were struggling to come up with ideas, especially at the end of the garden where we wanted something to focus the eye on.


LIFE Mobile | A Little Update Of My Maxi Tariff

Being someone who works online every day, it is hard to try and keep one eye on the ball at home whilst juggling my online presence. I used to always have my laptop at the side of me, regularly missing my children's firsts because I was too concerned with looking over to my right to work. 

That's when I realised that something needed to change and I invested in myself a little and bought a smartphone so that could keep track of my online world, and reply to emails, whilst out and about, getting home stuff done too.

But then of course that would put my online use at the mercy of of SIM card and if the Internet was having a slow day, I would be too.


Having Fun On Two Wheels

Anything with wheels are a favourite in our household. If it moves, it's loved. This also includes the likes of bikes and scooters. The boys can't get enough. 

C is still struggling with his bike and can't quite grasp how pedal work. His anxiety plays a big part into why he is so scared, but he'll get there in the end. It just takes a bit of patience. T, on the other hand, can now pedal without stabilisers and is about to go to the next size bike, a 20" one. 

They both do adore their scooters though, forever scooting all around, across the street and speeding down the hill to see who can win, as it always seems to be a race.