Having Fun in the Sun with Wicked Uncle

When it comes to buying toys that are good for all my children's age ranges, it can be a pain. What's fun for one, can be a bit baby-ish for another. I do like toys that can stand the test of time though and suit all ages, and both genders. Toys that are fun for all. 

So when Wicked Uncle got in touch, I scoured their website to try and find a couple of toys that the boys would love. I do like how their site is laid out. With options for genders, age ranges and types of toys. There is also a gifting section which helps you decide on toys that would be suitable. 

After having a look around, and realising that it was summer so outdoor toys are a must, I picked out one of the biggest water guns that I could find. The Water Warriors Blaster - Python 2! 

This fun, colourful water blaster has an easy pump action handle for firing and getting a good shot on at your unsuspecting target. It holds up to 1.3 litres of water so if quite hefty and doesn't need filling that often, and you can soak opponents up to 12 metres away. 

With 3 powerful adjustable nozzles attached to the front, it gives a few options of shots to use and the angle meter can be used to adjust the aim for added accuracy. Made from tough durable plastic, it'll be the water gun of water guns when it comes to the fight. 

I like this type of gift as it's something that anyone can play with, even us adults. Kids love getting wet in the warm weather and so water fights are a great way for kids to have fun, run off some steam and keep cool too. 

The Bubble Factory was the second item we chose. I remembered just how much I loved bubbles when I was a child and so I knew that this would be a hit. The Bubble Factory is a bright and cheerful portable bubble blowing machine that blows thousands of bubbles.

Create a fun bubbles and then watch them float around in the breeze, trying to pop them as they float by. Children of all ages love to chase and catch bubbles. The bubble factory comes with bubble liquid, all ready to start the fun but you do need to buy 4 size C batteries for it. 

It's safe to say that the bubbles kept the kids occupied for ages as they ran and chased them around the garden. We have since had to purchase some more bubbles for it as they loved it so much. 

I'm so glad that I picked out these 2 items from Wicked Uncle as they have been such a hit with the boys and their friends. Now let's get popping some more bubbles!


  1. Great picks! We have used Wicked Uncle in the past and I thought they were fab. I think my 3 year old would absolutely love that bubble machine! x

  2. these toys look fab, especially the bubble maker. I hope we get some more sun! x

  3. These toys look such fun we love wicked uncle and Blake loves the toys that he got from them. The bubble machine would be a favourite with Blake.

  4. Water guns and bubbles, a perfect combo! They would keep my kids entertained for ages.

  5. Water guns and bubble machines, what more does a kid need? Looks fun!

  6. You can't go wrong with a water gun. We had to buy one when we were in Spain because all the boys were having water fights in the children's pool.

  7. Wow! Who doesn't love a bubble machine?! Hours of fun! I'm always wary of water guns haha, but he looks like he's having lots of fun!

  8. Oh the bubble maker looks ace!! Kids would be shattered running around after all those bubbles!