Going Back to School with Dr. Martens

No doubt your children will have gone back to school this week and it's a week full of mixed emotions. After having 6 weeks off, going back can be daunting, scary and make kids very anxious but it is also a chance to catch back up with friends, learn new things and explore the world through education. 

This month seems to different than normal though as we are still getting some lovely weather and so it's shorts and a polo shirt rather than duffel coats and hiding from the rain. 

It's coming though. We all know that this sunny weather isn't here to stay and so it's practical to be ready for when the colder weather hits and you need to wrap the kids up warm and boot them up to keep their tootsies out of the cold. 

So last week we were invited down to the Dr. Martens store in Leeds City Centre so that we could kit T out with his very first pair of kicks for school. He was so excited to be getting his first pair and so tried on a few different styles to make sure he chose the right ones for him. 

Initially, T needed to have his feet measured to check that he was still wearing the correct size. He wasn't. The size 13 that he had been wearing were now slightly small and he was just over the recommendation and so he is now a size 1.

T decided that he did in fact want boots rather than shoes but to check comfort and fit, he tried on the Everley shoes as well as the Banzai and Delaney boots. 

The Everley shoes are so suitable as a school shoe as they are made from soft black leather and are laced up which just makes them look super smart for school. The flexible sole makes them comfortable for children to wear for prolonged periods and they'd look good for day use, not just for school. 

The Banzai boot takes the classic Chelsea boot silhouette and makes it mini so it's suitable for smaller feet. Crafted in a lightweight, full grain leather, these boots are built for maximum comfort and durability. Let your little rebels stamp around all day on Dr. Martens signature air cushioned sole.

T liked these ones and that he could just slip them on easily without having to mess with a lace at all. He mentioned that they were easy to walk in and would be great for when the cold weather hits. 

Lastly, T tried on the Delaney boots which are Dr. Martens signature boots. These are junior reproductions of the 1460 8-eye boot and they offer a sturdy, yet flexible sole combined with soft and durable leather. This style not only has a lace up front but also has a side zip to help get them on and off quickly and easily. 

With Dr. Martens air-cushioned soles, and the stand out tag at the back of the boot, these are beautiful and just ooze quality and durability. 

We spent some time deciding over each pair, with the staff helping along the way, taking a chance to walk around in each style before finally, he made his decision. T chose the Delaney boots which he said were his favourites as they looked cool and the zip meant that they are easy to get on and off. 

T left with a big smile on his face after choosing his very own pair of Dr. Martens and spent the rest of the day wishing for snow so that he could go out and play with his boots on!


  1. I'm a huge Dr.Martens fan. I've 4 pairs. Not sure I could trust Mt night kid to look them yet. Your little fellas docs are right uo my street!

  2. I have not thought about Dr Martens for years, however I used to live in them when I was younger. I think these look great for school, very smart. Also you will know they are hard wearing which is a bonus. x

  3. They look lovely and such great quality! They're ideal for school x

  4. I love Dr Martens, they're so durable so hopefully his will last him for ages. I just re-bought a pair for myself but I am not looking forward to breaking them in x

  5. I absolutely love Doc Martens. I remember our now almost 21 year old having the most gorgeous floral pair when she was very little and she's now back to wearing Docs again :) I have about 4 pairs now, from pink sandals to buckled boots, they are so comfy and long wearing.

  6. I used to love Dr. Martens as a teenager. Would love another pair now! xx

  7. Oh my gosh, this brings back memories. I used to have a purple pair of Doc Martins. I love the fact that they are now available for tiny people. I think Little Miss H would love a pink or red pair. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  8. I looooove Doc Martins! I used to have a really raggedy burgundy pair that I wore to primary school! I'd love to have a pair now! x


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