A Day of #smartDiscoveries With smarTrike

As a parent, I try to take my kids on adventures that they will find not only stimulating to their minds, but to their senses too. For little ones, this can be extra fun as even just a walk across the road brings all sorts of new experiences. 

We are working with smarTrike on their #smartDiscoveries campaign to show just how unique these experiences when viewing these surroundings from a trike. Seeing the world through children's eyes. That first view of the traffic lights and the beeps they make. The giddy dog that wants a kiss. 

For children, they get their own view of the world from the seat of their trike and it is amazing how mush they can see, and touch, around them from where they are perched.

We set out to create our very own video featuring J's #smartDiscoveries from one day out and about. This day just happened to be when we were travelling to Liverpool for a little break and boy did the smarTrike come in handy. 

If you've followed us on social media you will know that we nearly almost didn't get to go away as J's pushchair broke and was away being repaired. As luck would have it, his brand spanking new smarTrike with days to spare before our break away so we hopped at the chance of using this experience whilst there. 

We don't live far from the train station so we decided to have a lovely walk in the sunny weather along the way. Changing a few times in between of course as little ones just can't stay clean for too long. 

J loved the full view he could get whilst peering from his smarTrike and watched on as his brother ran along in front, getting giddy over our break away. Stopping to smell the flowers, he loved that he could get close enough to touch them.

As we got closer to the city centre, J got to watch cars and busses zoom under us whilst we went over a bridge. He found this such fun and we ended up standing here for 10 minutes as he 'brummed' and waved whenever a car came past. 

Getting to the train station and j got to discover some new things as we went through the turnstiles into the station and walked past trains whilst people ran along side us so they didn't miss their trains. On the train, he got to discover just how comfortable the smarTrike was as he had a lovely long snooze. Thanks ever so much for the recline feature.

We eventually ended up in Liverpool, somewhere he loves so much. The docks have so much to offer, from the cobbles that make him bounce around to the boats and all the seagulls. For J though, he just loves the sea and enjoyed arriving there so we could go and take a peek at the River Mersey.

Check out our day of #smartDiscoveries with smarTrike in our very own video which is above. Have your children have any #smartDiscoveries of their own?


  1. Awwww looks at little J <3 how cute.
    The smartTrike looks really practical especially for toddlers. I opted for a different brand with Hayden but might go for one of these with cubby. Still got a long way to go to decided but great review sugar.
    Charlotte x

  2. these smart trikes are fab. So practical but still fun for little ones :)

  3. Anonymous17:50

    Oh wow, how lucky that it turned up after your pram broke! Smart trikes are amazing aren't they?

  4. What a fab trike. I have never seen this before but it looks so fun and useful from the point of view of bike riding and pushchair pushing. Very cool.

  5. That's great that he managed a snooze in the smartrike. Must've been comfy. We love ours but it's very old. Due an upgrade now I think

  6. We have a smart trike but I haven't used it in years. It's 4 years old. Not as fancy as this one. I really should put my 19 months old in it. We only drive around the estate with it

  7. My godson has one of these and he absolutely loves it - it's so handy ;-)

  8. Oooh how fab does this look. We have a different version and it doesn't look half as sturdy as this. Great out and about photos lovey!x

  9. Aah it looks fab! We had a smarTrike when my daughter was younger and she loved it! X