Bath Time Adventures with HiPP Organic Free From Baby Care Range

Being a mum to 3 children, I'm sure you can imagine just how many brand of baby items I have tried out over the years. Too many to name in fact. From foods and nappies, to bottles and bath ranges, we've probably tried most brand on the market. 

HiPP Organic have been one of my favourite food baby brands since, well I don't know how long. But they're the one I would always buy as I loved the fact that they were organic and gave the best meals for little ones. 


Having Fun in the Sun with Wicked Uncle

When it comes to buying toys that are good for all my children's age ranges, it can be a pain. What's fun for one, can be a bit baby-ish for another. I do like toys that can stand the test of time though and suit all ages, and both genders. Toys that are fun for all. 

So when Wicked Uncle got in touch, I scoured their website to try and find a couple of toys that the boys would love. I do like how their site is laid out. With options for genders, age ranges and types of toys. There is also a gifting section which helps you decide on toys that would be suitable. 


Going Back to School with Dr. Martens

No doubt your children will have gone back to school this week and it's a week full of mixed emotions. After having 6 weeks off, going back can be daunting, scary and make kids very anxious but it is also a chance to catch back up with friends, learn new things and explore the world through education. 

This month seems to different than normal though as we are still getting some lovely weather and so it's shorts and a polo shirt rather than duffel coats and hiding from the rain. 

It's coming though. We all know that this sunny weather isn't here to stay and so it's practical to be ready for when the colder weather hits and you need to wrap the kids up warm and boot them up to keep their tootsies out of the cold. 


A Day of #smartDiscoveries With smarTrike

As a parent, I try to take my kids on adventures that they will find not only stimulating to their minds, but to their senses too. For little ones, this can be extra fun as even just a walk across the road brings all sorts of new experiences. 

We are working with smarTrike on their #smartDiscoveries campaign to show just how unique these experiences when viewing these surroundings from a trike. Seeing the world through children's eyes. That first view of the traffic lights and the beeps they make. The giddy dog that wants a kiss. 

For children, they get their own view of the world from the seat of their trike and it is amazing how mush they can see, and touch, around them from where they are perched.


Ideas That Keep Lunch Boxes Fun and Healthy with Iceland Foods

The month of September signifies the start of the new school year and for me, this is also the start of the dreaded school lunch box drama. Both boys will be having packed lunches as that's what they prefer but, they are both so fussy and it's hard to keep creative an not just stick with the same options all the time. 

Sandwiches are great and all, but they do get boring after a full week of eating them. This is why Iceland have asked me to get creative as part of their #PowerOfFrozen challenge. I've decided to get to work creating a new lunch box meal that is still as quick and easy as making a sandwich, but is different and more visual, to give the boys a change. That's where wraps come in.