Our Family Adventures In Liverpool

Albert Docks Liverpool

It's not often that we get to go away as it all depends on if we can get spare time off together. We love UK breaks though so we often flit away for a few days whenever we have some free days. It's a great way to spend some precious moments together, and breaks up the boredom of the school holidays. 

We usually go to seaside villages but have lately been looking at city breaks and that's when Liverpool came up. We did have a few options of where we could go, York, Manchester, but Liverpool was top because the husband supports their football team and apparently, we just had to go to their stadium *rolls eyes* as it was a must!
Novotel Liverpool Centre

So there we had it, our trip was set, we would spend 2 nights in Liverpool as a family of 5. Have you ever tried holidaying as a family of 5, or a plus size family? Not many places cater for us. Most deals are 2 adults and 2 children so it was great to see that Novotel Liverpool Centre offered interconnecting rooms so that we could have a family room connected to a twin room. That gave plenty of room for us.

Twin Room
Twin Room
Family Room
Family Room
We arrived a little earlier than expected, around 2.30pm and the receptionist took our details and said we were alright to check-in early as our rooms were ready which was great as I didn't want three boys getting ratty in the reception and so off we went in the lift to our abode.

Before I could even get a foot in the door, the kids were off, doing their Taz routine around the rooms. This meant that I couldn't get any pics of the rooms looking tidy so the above 2 photos are from the Novotel site which are the same as the ones we stayed in. 

Interconnecting doors Novotel
The view through the interconnecting doors
The rooms are spacious and light. With 2 queen sized beds in the twin room and a kingsize and sofa bed in the family room. Loads of storage space, enough to hang all of our clothing (I don't know why we packed so much!) and even an iron as my husband doesn't like to have even one little crease in his tops.

Having rang Novotel beforehand, they assured us that at least one of the rooms would have a bath in the bathroom. We needed this as Charlie's anxiety means that he screams blue murder if he has to go near a shower. And they were true to their word. The family room had a bath whereas the twin room had a shower. 

Bathroom Novotel
The bathroom in the Family Room
Once we'd unpacked and had a rest, we were off on our first break in Liverpool...

What's To Do In Liverpool
There is so much on offer in Liverpool and luckily, we were staying right in the thick of it so we could access everywhere easily. Liverpool One was just opposite which gave us loads of places to shop and spend. We ended up coming home with more clothing than we went with.

The husband made us venture into the Liverpool store so he could buy some more junk Liverpool FC merchandise and then laughed as he told the kids to do 'thumbs down' outside the Everton store. I mean, who are the real kids here!

Liverpool One also housed Chavasse Park which the kids loved. I found it great that there was a park in the city centre and that it was so thoroughly looked after. With little boats for seats and exercise equipment to promote a healthy lifestyle, the boys got right into it and hopped on everything they could.

In the end, I obviously pushed the boys out of the way so I could claim victory...

From there we have a short walk over to Albert Dock, getting ice cream along the way. The views here are spectacular. It is a great place to just look out, across the Mersey, and ponder your thoughts. We didn't do that obviously as we had the kids with us who wanted to explore everywhere.

After having a seriously long walk around, we went back to the hotel ready for food. Novotel is home to the RopeWalks Lounge who serve a broad variety of food and drinks. The service here is amazing, the staff so attentive and so helpful too.

The kids have a separate menu and get to choose their own 3 course meal. The boys opted for the same foods though, both picking garlic bread starters with pizza and chips for main and brownie with ice cream for dessert. Such a nice combo which the devoured.

Us adults had an extensive menu to pick from and we have differing tastes so it was good that their was so much choice. My husband went for the Chicken BLT which has a side of chips and salad. This was massive, with three pieces of toasted bread holding all the filling together.

I, on the other hand, went for the spinach and ricotta tortellini which was amazing and was such a big bowl that I didn't even need dessert!

The next day arrived and we knew one thing was on the agenda straight away, swimming. The kids love swimming and are like little water babies. Luckily for them, Novotel Liverpool Centre has a swimming pool, as well as a gym and steam room.

I was surprised that the pool wasn't that busy and thought it would have been something that was used a lot, but there was only one other family in so we got to play and splash for ages.

The boys loved the pool. And even though it was a bit deeper than they're used to, they took to it so well. Charlie had his armbands but Thomas put all his swimming lessons in to practice to help him keep afloat.

With towels, a changing room and showers nearby, it was easy to get changed and sorted afterwards so we didn't have to wade up to our room wrapped in towels. It was lovely and such a relaxing swim.

Later on that day we had been invited to visit Mattel Play! Liverpool which the boys adored. Seriously, if you're ever visiting Liverpool with children then this is somewhere to take them that I'd recommend. We even got to meet Fireman Sam.

To end our final day in Liverpool, we spent some time looking for things about The Beatles. There are statues on the docks which were super busy with people wanting photos and then you can walk along to find Matthew Street which is home to The Cavern Club.

Then it was time to pack away and travel back home. This is usually where the boredom sets in for the boys are it's an hour and a half journey each way. Luckily, icarhireinsureance.com understands that many families will be travelling this summer holiday to spend some quality family time together and so they sent the kids a travel package out to keep them occupied during the journey.

Arriving in it's own little suitcase with a personalised tag, it was packed full of ways to help them along the way. With a camera to take snap shots of our break and all other goodies including colouring items, stickers, car bingo and bubbles. In with these was also a Tamagotchi which I haven't seen since I was a child.

They loved having these items to use and play with whilst travelling and on down time during the stay, and it's safe to say that we'll definitely be going back to Liverpool soon.


  1. What a lovely family trip, I really like the idea of interconnecting rooms as mine struggle to stay asleep if we watch TV in the rooms after lights out.

  2. It sounds like you had a great trip! We often go to Liverpool as it's not too far from us and my husband is also an LFC supporter (zzz), it's a brilliant city. Your hotel sounds fantastic!x

  3. Anonymous18:38

    I loved that you stayed somewhere with a pool- having all those extra facilities is just great!! Liverpool looks like a fab place to visit as well. x

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time and my son would be soooo excited to meet Fireman Sam! I think we should go on some more city breaks.

  5. Looks amazing -fabulous place to visit
    Must go soon too

  6. Hubby's parents are from Liverpool and I love this vibrant, happy city. People are so nice there! That Novotel looks pretty amazing, huh?

  7. So many great stuff to do in Liverpool. Love the pool.

  8. We went to stay in Liverpool for a couple of days a few years ago and we loved it. There is so much to do.