A Day at Mattel Play! Liverpool

A couple of weeks ago we had a nice little break in Liverpool. Whilst researching for what to do on our trip, I came across Mattel Play! Liverpool which is a themed play area in the heart of Liverpool, The Albert Dock. 

With three different zones, Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam, there is so much to see and do at Mattel Play! So, we decided to book in for midday on the Monday of our trip and therefore got a 2 hour slot so that we could go an explore the themed areas. 

Joseph was asleep when we initially arrived so they allowed us to take the pram upstairs into the first area. Normally they request that prams be left in the buggy park but luckily there is a lift so there is access available if needed. 

Starting off in the Thomas & Friends world, we got to explore the Island of Sodor from the Steamworks to Farmer McColl’s farm. The journey starts at Knapford Station, where the narrow gauge engines are waiting for us to begin our adventures around the Island. 

When you enter the area, Thomas the Tank Engine is right in front, in all his glory. We had to wait a little bit of time here to get a turn in playing on him as, because this is the first area, it seems to be the busiest. Thomas was great though and the boys loved to sit inside him and choo choo along.

Harold is at sea in his own area. The sea is represented by thousands of blue balls and the boys enjoyed swimming in here and playing in Harold. There is also a coal sorting area and the boys thought stacking the blocks in the train yard was super fun. Even daddy got in on the action. 

I enjoyed the fact that there was a lot of little interactive areas such as sorting vegetables at Farmer McColl’s farm and help restore order at the Brendam Docks. There is also some super cool mini trains at the end of the room where little ones can ride around in them.

After having all the fun in Sodor, we decided to jaunt over to the Bob the Builder area to see what was going on there. Bobs new builders yard gives the little ones so many options to work through. Bob is recruiting apprentice builders to assist him, Scoop and the team on one of his new projects so kids get to don their builders helmets and get on the case. 

Bob’s mobile office is on site where you can also meet a life sized Bob who seems happy to meet everyone. The new recruits can lend a helping hand in the vehicles by digging in the yard - which Charlie enjoyed doing, and supporting Bob by completing the work on the pipes. Thomas enjoyed this area and he loved working out exactly where the pipes should go, eventually popping a ball through to see it roll out at the end. A* for this recruit!

Joseph just loved building. Finding the bricks and building them into his own little wall. Although I don't know how much of a help he was since he thought it was funnier to knock them over after building them. 

To make this area extra creative, there was an area which was packed full of blocks that could be stacked to create the characters. There were pictures on the walls to show you how to build them. There was also a drawing area with huge sheets of paper so you could trace the characters. 

Back downstairs was the area my sons had been waiting for - Pontypandy, the home of Fireman Sam and all his crew. Again, a safety helmet is work in this area. Inside Pontypandy’s Fire Station, you can climb aboard Jupiter, go to the Ocean Rescue Centre, and go to sea on Titan, where you will be able to be a firefighter for the day and put out fires on the coast!

Children have the opportunity to experience a real life emergency situation along with Fireman Sam and his trusted colleagues, learning along the way what it takes to be a fire fighter and become a hero in their own right.

It wouldn't be Pontypandy without Dilys' shop and so off we went to play, sorting fruit and tins into the correct places and working the till to make sure we could get the shop in tip top condition. I like that even though it is supposed to be based around Fireman Sam, it still has these added extras that fans of the show know and love.

Juno the jet ski is there for all to whizz around on, even us adults had a go and then there are slides to get back down to dry land. There was even a fireman's pole, because who doesn't love sliding down a pole.

Luckily, the Fireman Sam themed room is the last room you go into (although you can move between them all during your time inside) so it isn't as busy. This means that we got to spend extra time battling fires and playing.

And then the best thing in the world happened. Fireman Sam himself turned up to check that his new helpers were working hard. The boys were starstruck that they had seen their idol, got a photo with him and even got to high-five him. It's safe to say that it was the best way to end our tour of Mattel Play! Liverpool.


  1. this looks so fun. my two would be jealous of all of the Thomas and Friends things! x

  2. Looks so much fun
    Your pictures say it all
    Think it's time I visited

  3. It looks great, I love the Albert Dock. One of my favourite places

  4. Off the back of reading this we have booked to go. It looks fantastic also not too busy.

  5. So cool, I didn'y know this was a thing! Your kids look like they had a great time :) x

  6. This looks such a great place, perfect for my nephew! Thanks for sharing

  7. Anonymous20:57

    Looks like Great Fun. Thanks for the Information, may manage a visit there sometime.

    Rachel Craig

  8. looks like they had so much fun! I've never been to Liverpool but would love to x

  9. This looks like great fun! My daughter would love something like this! xo

  10. This looks like such a fun place to visit. My two toddlers would love this. Xx