Thinking Slimmer | My First Thoughts Of The Slimpod

A few month ago I wrote a post in the dead of night, when I was really struggling with myself and when I just felt so vulnerable. It was called When You Want To Change, But Don't Know How and was all about my struggle with my appearance and having to deal with how my body had changed since having children. 

I felt horrendous. I looked, well to me any way, ugly and fat, and I just hated everything about my body. It was getting me down.

That was when I got in touch with Sandra from Thinking Slimmer and we got to work trying to change my outlook using the Slimpod Gold package. The Slimpod is said to be able to change your eating habits by just listening to it for 9 minutes a day. 

It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change. Listening to the podcast each day retrains your brain so you instinctively make healthier choices, want to eat less and move more. It helps build body confidence from the inside out. 

The Slimpod is handy as it is available as a download through the Thinking Slimmer app so you can listen to it whenever you feel like it. I prefer to do it as I'm settling in bed at night and I feel that not only am I taking in this information as it plays, but it is also very soothing and seems to help me drift off to sleep. 

This clinically-proven 12 week programme isn't just about the pods themselves though, you get so much more than that. Emails from Sandra with hints and tips to help you on your way, goal setting mechanisms to help you towards your target, a dedicated Facebook group where you can see every other podder and gain tips from them as well as having a weekly live chat where you can ask anything you need to. 

I have been listening to my Slimpod for nearly 4 weeks now and have been filling in my log every day. It is amazing just how many changes you notice. It didn't take long either. Just within these first few weeks I have seen myself eating less, feeling less hungry and not wanting to eat the types of foods that I would normally. I have been snacking less top which has always been my downfall before now. 

Last week we went to the coast and I thought this was the best time to test just how much the Slimpod had helped change my mindset. With all the temptations that were on offer, would I be able to resist? Well, here is my first vlog for Thinking Slimmer about my first thoughts of using the Slimpod...


  1. I am glad it is helping and making a diference and that you still enjoyed your holiday without your sugar doughnuts etc even though they were bought and were there.
    I have been using it since Jan and for me the biggest thing apart from a 22lb weight loss is the confidence to wear much nicer clothes.

  2. Oh I'm sorry to hear how you were feeling about yourself, but glad you have found a way to help with the Slimpod - I like how it's not just dieting but changing the way you think, that's really refreshing. Good luck with it! xx

  3. I don't think there's a mother alive who doesn't feel insecure about her body after having children, the experience changes you completely. So glad to hear the "thinking slimmer" programme is helping you to make healthier choices and feel better about yourself though! xx

  4. I love the sound of this. I'm still sceptical though.

  5. I feel so horrible about my body now, it is slowly getting but I definitely think it is important to think about what you eat x

  6. I've heard a lot about Slimpod and it sounds very interesting. I love the fact it is a lifestyle change, not a diet! :)

  7. Wow it's fantastic how the slimpod has completely changed the way you think and behave towards food. Well done lovely, amazing work xx

  8. Glad to hear that it is going well for u I definitely need something like this to try.

  9. well done and keep it up. glad it is working for you. I'm too much of a snack addict.:/

  10. Mililley15:34

    It took a while listening to the Silver Slimpod before the penny dropped and I began to think differently about food. One day I was having dinner and suddenly it dawned on me that I don,t need all this food !! Then the upgrade to Gold Slimpod came and it reinforced the seeds already planted by the Silver pod.. I have dropped a dress size- 2 inches all over in 2 months. Yes, I know it is quite slow but I am 75 and know from experience that losing weight too quickly at my age can make my neck look very scrawny !! I have always enjoyed exercise but have doubled the length of my morning walk and I feel full of beans since I became involved with the Gold Slimpod. It has given me so much encouragement and has changed my whole mind-set about food and dieting.


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