JD Williams | A Summers Day in Outfits

Dip Hem Dress, Dress, Floral Dress, JD Williams, Maxi Dress, A Summers Day in Outfits, Comfort Walk,

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with clothing. I seem to always change what I like and stick with my favourites for a while before reverting to something else. For now, I like dresses. 

They not only look better on but they are way cooler than clothing that clings and it means that I can buy dresses that flare and hide all the parts that I don't want showing helping to gain body confidence in myself as, if I can look nice, then I feel better about myself. 

As we were on holiday last week, I thought I would show you what I wore in one lovely, warm day and show you what lovely pieces I had picked up for our holiday. Beautiful dresses that are bright and light for the Summer.

Dip Hem Dress, Dress, Floral Dress, JD Williams, Maxi Dress,

So, let's be off shall we. Picture this, it's the second day of our holiday and the sun is shining bright. We plan on having a day at the beach, playing with the kids and having a lovely walk by the waterside. I opted for a nice light dress to keep me cool whilst looking nice.

This White Multi Print Dipped Hem Maxi Dress worked perfectly for a day at the coast. Teamed with a pair of Cushion Walk Mule Sandals in pewter, I knew that these would go well and, since I'm not a fan of heels, would go from day to night and match with any dresses that I chose to wear.

Dip Hem Dress, Dress, Floral Dress, JD Williams, Maxi Dress,

Back to the dress then. The dipped-hem dress beings some contemporary notes to my wardrobe and the statement floral fabric is great for summer wearing. It has an elasticated waistline so hugs to the best part and fits well whilst flaring out over the hips to give a smooth finish. The v-neckline makes this must-have dress as it is so flattering and it has a cute keyhole back just to add an extra dimension to the design.

I think it is a perfectly thought out dress as the asymmetric hem shows off the legs without being too short and yet, if you're not a leg person, you can easily team with a pair of leggings for a laid back look.

Mules, Pewter Mule Sandals, Comfort Walk, JD Williams,

The shoes were a godsend for walking in. I didn't think we'd end up walking loads and assumed we would end up chilling on the beach, but these definitely live up to their name and feel like you have cushions attached to your feet.

They have a low wedge sole so are comfy to wear and the soft leather just caresses the skin. The fact that they come in different width fitting makes them ideal for anyone who needs a little extra space. And I love the delicate trim detail as it makes them perfect for whatever occasion you need them for.

As to which, like I said above, I could wear them from day to night and opted to team them with the most beautiful Nightingales Jersey Maxi Dress for our night time jaunt.

Dress, Floral Dress, JD Williams, Maxi Dress, Tropical Print, Jersey Maxi Dress,

In a beautiful tropical print, this jersey dress is so, so easy to wear. The fabric is super soft, and is a beautiful evening look. I adore maxi dresses as they cover up my most hated parts of my body, but look so lovely to wear.

The elegant draped fabric over the bust is so flattering and fully elasticated waist clings to the parts you want to show off. I think it looks so elegant and wears so well. And as we're in the UK and even in the summer, evenings still leave a little chill, I chose to wear a beautiful little black shrug, just to keep the arms covered.

I mean, I'm no stylist, but I do know what I like. And for me, these are the perfect outfits for a summers day!


  1. I love the prints on your dresses - beautiful! x

  2. Both of those dresses are lovely, I especially love the first one :)

  3. I really really love that top dress. It is so pretty what a gorgeous print.

  4. I really love your dresses the shoes aren't my style but they go with the dresses well.

  5. What gorgeous dresses. You look lovely! I am a real dress person too and love the floral prints. The sandals look great too, really pretty but practical when you are out and about. Lovely choices. x

  6. I love the first dress! The colours are lovely, it really suits you xx

  7. Love the bright colours
    Look so summery