How To Make A Noiseless Wind Chime | #ReadySteadyCraft

When I had an email come through challenging us to craft something that was inspired from Spring, it got me thinking, what does remind me of Spring? The flowers starting to bloom maybe, or those little buds growing on the trees, or even butterflies starting to flutter around. 

But, for me, it is all of them. So we decided to think outside the box a little and that's when we thought about making a wind chime. A neighbour has one and although it is beautiful and has a lovely little chime, this changes at 3am when it's blowing up a gale and all you can hear is that noise, over and over and over,,,

So the boys decided that they wanted to make their own, but without the noise, a noiseless wind chime if you will. The lovely people from over at Country Baskets sent us a stunning little hamper of craft goodies to get us started and we collected the extra bits we needed along the way. 

You will need:
1 stick (around 12inch long)
5 toilet roll inners
Tissue paper (varying colours)
Decorative items

To see exactly how we made our noiseless wind chime, check out our tutorial video here...


  1. These are so cute, might make these with my little sister in the summer hols x

  2. Great idea, have a few friends who work in kindergartens who would love this idea!

  3. They are lovely - will have to get mine to make these for the shed

  4. Such a fun and great idea to do with the kids. :)

  5. This is amazing! I love the way windchimes look, but I really hate the noise.

  6. This is such a fab idea so going to do this with Blake when he is a bit older as he's not interested in crafts yet.

  7. That is so pretty - and I love that it makes no noise - who needs chimes in the middle of the night!

  8. Such a fab idea, We love making crafts but there is nothing more annoying than chiming during the night! The fact these make no noise is brilliant! x

  9. Fabulous idea and cheap too
    One for the next holiday activity