On, Not Being A Perfect Parent and Co-Sleeping

Before I had children, I always thought I would do everything by the book. To be honest, I think everyone thinks that way. Oh, I'll be the perfect parent. My baby will sleep through from day dot, in his own cot, and I'll get a lovely lie-in because I'm just that perfect of a parent. 

But alas, that doesn't happen, us parents end up just winging it most of the time, trying to juggle parenthood and doing the right thing whilst bribing our children with chocolate and toys.

And that got me thinking about our sleeping arrangements now that I've had three children. Although we all have our own beds, that doesn't mean that they're all actually filled every night. I have co-slept with all my children and although there are ups and downs to this, I would never have it any other way. 

When designing our bedroom, we looked at double beds and found the perfect one for us, but then after having a baby we had to change to a king size, just because he kept kicking us out. It gave us that extra bit of space so the baby could share with us if he wanted to.

It was lovely to have my baby so close to me at night, and actually helped him sleep too. I mean, as long as you're doing it safely, it means that you could those extra hours you need without having to constantly get up to sort your baby at their cot-side.  

Now that the littlest is now a bit older, he doesn't really come in with us any more. And although I know this is a good thing, that he's now comfortable in his own little space, it does give me sadness that I don't get those extra night time snuggles. 

But then again, and unfortunately for my husbands wallet, this now gives me an excuse to redo our bedroom again now we don't need such a big bed (although I am quite getting used to being able to starfish out at night). The Bedsos Time living selection is such an amazing range and I've been eyeing up a beautiful black real leather bed. 

All of this does get me thinking though, why do we strive to be perfect? Does it matter that we are all different? Some co-sleep, some don't. People are different. Babies are different. And what works for your family is the thing you should do. 


  1. Your certainly right -it's what works for the family as long as it's safe
    Sadly too many these days people strive for perfection instead of contentment x

  2. i always say,you can only be the best,you can be xx

  3. Susan B14:23

    All so true, so very true. Such a shame we don't understand that when we are young first-time parents.

  4. I totally agree. It's easy to assume we will be this way and that way before we have children but once they are here it's a whole different ball game and the best thing we can do is trust our instincts. I loved co sleeping but my Noah ended up getting fed up of it before I wanted him to! I still miss co sleeping cuddles but sometimes I curl up in his toddler bed with him!

  5. I co-slept, it started because we were so desperate for sleep it seemed to be the best solution for us

  6. Isn't it funny how we all start out saying how perfect our little world as a parent willbe and how we will do everything by the book and yet so many of us don't. I swore I would never sleep with my children in my bed and yet the first night in hospital I did and have done many many times since. So many other things I have completely changed my opinion on. Parenting it definitely a game of winging it and trying to do your best whilst totally and utterly sleep deprived with a scrambled egg for a brain, but ultimately the most rewarding thing I have ever done :)

  7. There is nothing wrong with co-sleeping, it's what the parent feels right in doing and what is good for their baby xx

  8. Go with what feels right if your happy and relaxed so will baby be

  9. Go with what feels right if your happy and relaxed so will baby be

  10. This is lovely, thank you! Looks like a great dupe too!! :)


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