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Being a blogger means that I have to be online a lot. I mean, I will usually turn my laptop off and then pick my phone straight up to check it. All of my emails to and from clients come to my phone, I have all the apps to my social media channels and I even have the Blogger app so I can write posts on the go.

And when I'm not online, I will be taking calls from clients, discussing campaigns that we are working on together and organising upcoming events. So as you can imagine, having a good signal is imperative to my work. 

So when LIFE Mobile asked me to try out their Maxi tariff, I was left with a mix of emotions. Excitement at getting to try out a new SIM company but also fear over whether it would have good signal strength, I really didn't want to be getting social media withdrawals.

LIFE Mobile, Maxi SIM Only Tariff, Maxi Tariff, Phone Network, review, SIM Only Contract, SIM Only Tariff, 30 Day Contract,

LIFE Mobile runs on the UK's biggest 3G network - EE, and offers a range of SIM Only tariffs to suit the needs of the user. Established in 2013, they have now connected over 150,000 customers to their network, who will all benefit from their amazing contracts at fabulous prices.

After looking through their different tariffs, I knew that the biggest would be best for myself - the Maxi tariff. With 4,000 minutes, 5,000 texts and 4GB of internet per month (included allowance is for use within the UK), I was shocked to see that this would only cost a fraction of what I had been previously paying, at only £13.95 a month. 

I actually couldn't, and still can't, believe that I could get such an amazing package for so little, it left me a bit disgruntled to think that I had been paying way too much previous to this, But then again, would I be getting what I paid for? Would it live up to my high expectations? 

LIFE Mobile, Maxi SIM Only Tariff, Maxi Tariff, Phone Network, review, SIM Only Contract, SIM Only Tariff, 30 Day Contract,

I ordered my new LIFE Mobile SIM online through their website and it arrived a couple of days later. A Nano SIM to fit my phone - you can also choose a Standard & Micro SIM depending on which phone you have and which size it requires.

I popped it into my phone - a Samsung Galaxy S6, and off I went exploring my new SIM card. And I was pleasantly surprised. I don't know why, but I was expecting it to be slow, but it wasn't. In fact, I could do everything that I usually would, and it didn't take any longer at all. The internet loaded well, giving me all my social media channels to peruse without slowing down my phone. 

There has been the odd occasion where I would be out and the signal would drop, but it was only ever for a moment or so, and then we'd be back on track, back in my comfort zone of online bliss. I am very much impressed that I get 4GB of data allowance per month as it means that I never run out and I never go over.

I no longer feel the need to connect to the WiFi as soon as I enter my home just so I can upload all my hundreds of photos - of the kids, to my Dropbox. I can do it whilst out and about with LIFE Mobile as they give me enough data to be able to enjoy my phone. 

LIFE Mobile, Maxi SIM Only Tariff, Maxi Tariff, Phone Network, review, SIM Only Contract, SIM Only Tariff, 30 Day Contract,

And that's not all. LIFE Mobile also offer their Smart Cap which provides you with complete peace of mind and control over your monthly bill. This means that you will never pay more than you expect to. The Smart Cap buffer is the amount that you are happy to spend above your monthly line rental on chargeable services (i.e. calls to premium numbers or when you’re abroad). This is set at £5.00 for all new customers initially although you can set your buffer to as low as £1.00. 

I love this feature as it means that these SIM cards are also perfect if you're looking to buy for your children too. This way, they get a SIM so you can always get in touch with them, and you are left knowing that they can never give you a shocker of a bill.

If you do reach the Smart Cap limit, all chargeable services will be suspended until your next bill is produced. You will still be able to use all of your inclusive minutes, texts and data allowance during this time. What's more LIFE Mobile will also notify you when you've used 80% and 100% of your bundle allowances and when you reach your Smart Cap limit, ensuring that you’re always in control.

So, I'm left knowing that I get all this allowance each month without the stress of going over and owing more than I expect. And getting a fab deal at the same time!

LIFE Mobile, Maxi SIM Only Tariff, Maxi Tariff, Phone Network, review, SIM Only Contract, SIM Only Tariff, 30 Day Contract,

I have been using my LIFE Mobile SIM for nearly 2 months now and am thoroughly impressed with what it offers for my money. It would be good to see them maybe think about connecting to 4G in the future, but for now, I'm happy with the current speed that they offer and how it works for me. 

It will be good to get into the Yorkshire countryside in a few weeks though and see how it handles the signal out there. Fingers crossed I can still be my usual social media geek. I guess that will be one for my next update of the LIFE Mobile network. 

To see how LIFE Mobile would work for you, check out their Coverage Checker, where you can also find out more information about LIFE Mobile and their 30 day SIM Only contracts, 

- This post is in collaboration with LIFE Mobile who have given me a 
Maxi SIM card for me to give my honest, unbiased opinion. 


  1. I have the same phone as you. but this sim deal seems so cheap. Like it actually would make me hesitate because it's s cheap in comparison to what I currently pay for a similar deal. Although it's great to hear that it still runs relatively smoothly and is great coverage.

  2. The coverage checker is really handy, thank you.

  3. Sounds like a good tariff to be on xx

  4. Im looking for a new tariff so i will give this a try Thank you

  5. Not heard of life dim before
    Will definately remember this when my contract is up
    Really great value

  6. sounds like a great value tarriff x

  7. Susan B10:19

    Thanks for the intro to the brand. Definitely one to consider.


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