A Letter To My First Born | 2,557 Days of Parenthood

It's official, my oldest child, my first born, turns 7 today and, as long as my calculations of leap years is correct, that means today, I have been a parent for 2,557 days. 

It has been such a whirlwind of amazing-ness all rolled into one. I can't ascertain how it has flown by so fast. How, 7 years ago, I was giving birth to Thomas and now, right at this moment, we are embarking on a family holiday to the Yorkshire Coast as a family of 5. 

I didn't know how to write this at first. I wanted to write about our life and how Thomas changed it, and so, here it is, my letter to my first born.

You will never understand just how much I adore you and how proud I am of everything you have done. But, as 7 years have passed, I wanted to write about my first born, about you. 

So much has happened in this time. Struggles when you first born and I didn't realise just how hard parenting was going to be. Tears and tantrums, and that was just me, when I got things wrong. Heart flutters when the magical things happened, the first smile, laugh, crawling, and walking at 10 month old. I was adamant that I had given birth to the next Albert Einstein. 

But you're not. You are just you, and you are amazing. I can't comprehend how I have been given the privilege of having you as my child. How I am obviously doing something right as you are one of the most loving, caring children I have ever met. 

And obviously I am going to say that, I'm your mum. But it's not just me. 

Do you realise how much I wanted to burst with pride when your teacher told me that you were a role model for the whole class. That she adored teaching you and loved how beautiful you were around the other children. That, when a new child started in your class, you helped him out, you played with him, you made him feel welcome. That you won the award for being the best behaved, most helpful, and most hard-working child in your whole school. 

Then I see you with your brothers and see just how great you are. Yes, you may fight and argue sometimes, but those little glimmers, when I see you rubbing Charlie's knee when he has fallen, when I see Joseph's face light up when you walk into the room, you bring the light into our lives. 

You make me proud to be a mum.

And these 7 years have brought so much joy, so much happiness and so much love into our lives and that's down to you, my first born child.

Loving you forever and always,



  1. Happy Birthday Thomas x

  2. What a lovely idea and letter x

  3. Susan B17:53

    Oh, goodness. I got emotional reading that! A very moving piece of writing and something for Thomas to treasure forever.

  4. Aww how lovely Happy Birthday Thomas

  5. So lovely that you are cherishing every moment.They grow up so fast.

  6. Lovely post. Hope he had a great birthday

  7. Anonymous15:55

    @FCWedding, this is beautiful, it brought a tear to my eye!

  8. This is a lovely thing to do hope he had a fab birthday

  9. This is a lovely thing to do hope he had a fab birthday

  10. Oh my goodness! I have actual tears! This is so sweet....I think it's hard to remember sometimes actually just how much our lives changed from our first born. It's the most magical thing in the world! Xo

  11. Such a wonderful letter.

  12. Anonymous08:23

    What a lovely idea! :-)