The 4 Year Diary of My Life

4 years ago I started a little blog called Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum. I didn't expect it to do well. I didn't expect people to read it. I just wanted somewhere to put down my memories, my feelings, that wasn't a dairy. As, as much as I love writing this blog and typing it all out, I hate manually writing. 

A blog seemed the way that I could store everything that I wanted to write about, without actually having to keep a diary. And that's where it all began...

Now, 4 years later, I am humbled at what my little blog has become. I am proud that it has now become something that people actually read, that people relate to and that people, take their time out of their busy days, to comment on.

It's become much more that that online diary that was meant for me only. And it has given me some of the most amazing opportunities along the way. 

This blog has seen so many ups. The birth of my third child, seeing my children progress in life, featuring topics that I love to write about and that you like reading about. It has also had downs too. Writing about my miscarriage, and how this should no longer be a taboo subject. 

Who would have thought back then, that I would now be working with some of the most fantastic companies and that my children and I would be honoured to be ambassadors for many brands. That this would now be my job. It doesn't even feel like a job as it is just something that I love doing. 

It has all been a bit unexpected really and it's all down to you. Yes you, my readers. The people that check out this blog, that share this blog and that comment. I love writing knowing that people are listening, that I'm not just shouting into the abyss. 

So thank you to all of you that are reading this, or have ever read my blog, thank you for making my blog what it is. And thank you to the amazing brands that have chosen my platform to house their campaigns and their products, and all the adventures we have experienced because of this.

Here I am, after 4 years, still writing and still loving it...


  1. Congrats on four years! It is amazing what can be achieved in blogging x

  2. Happy 4 years! I've only been going 7 months so it's fab to see what more experienced bloggers have achieved! Xx

  3. Congratulations on 4 years! Such a lovely post to read, blogging is such an amazing thing.... connecting so many people in the most wonderful way! x

  4. Well done on your 4 year achievement
    Love reading your blogs

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