Baby Annabell Brother Interactive Doll

It seems that in this day and age, that gender stereotypes still exist, whereby, it is felt that boys should not play with dolls, or things that are deemed 'girly' as that is somehow doing them a disservice. I hate this and I for one, am not not one of those people!

When it comes to buying toys for my sons, I try not to limit what they can choose to play with. If they want a superhero, that's fine. The same with if they wanted to pretend to be a daddy, that's okay too. 

So when we had the chance to receive the Baby Annabell Brother Interactive Doll I thought it would be a great way to let the boys play 'daddy' for a bit and give them that bit of responsibility. 

Baby Annabell's brother is quite different to regular dolls though, as he is interactive. So not only an you hold him and play with him, pretending he's a baby, but he also drinks water, cries, and even reacts to the environment that he is in, making him feel just like a real baby (but without the dirty nappies!).

Baby Annabell's brother, or 'Bob' as my children named him (and what I now shall call him), is still a delicate little baby and needs plenty of sleep. To get Bob to sleep, you have to treat him as a real baby and rock him in your arms. If he cries, you just need to gently stroking on his cheek to calm him down and he will then fall asleep immediately. 

Just remember though that Baby Annabell's brother will not stay asleep unless he is laid horizontally. Then can be woken up by lifting her into the upright position. To get him back to sleep, gently stroke him on the cheek and he will be content, he'll sigh and then go back to sleep.

When he wakes up, it's time for something to eat. What's amazing is that when you give him his bottle, with real water!, he will move his face moves as he sucks, just like a real baby. but don't forget to wind Baby Annabell's brother after his feed otherwise he will cry for a while and will not burp. To get him to burp, you just gently pat his back and then the doll will go back to his happy, smiley self.

And then, that water that you just fed your baby, will be the tears that come out when he gets upset. To calm him down you need to pat his back, give him the dummy or a bit more bottle. If those fail then you can also stroke his cheek.

When you give Baby Annabell's brother his dummy, he will make realistic mouth movements and sucking sounds and will open and closes her eyes. By removing his dummy, Baby Annabell's brother will start to babble, but after giving the dummy 3 times, he will cry.

The interactive doll is amazing. To look at him, you might just think he's a regular doll, but he does all these extras. He can drink water, cry, sigh, sleep and even move his face. And if he's set down for so long, he'll automatically switch off to sleep too.

After a few weeks of playing with this cute doll, the boys have not only gained a beautiful toy that they can cherish, but the Baby Annabell Brother Doll has also given my sons a little bit of responsibility of getting to look after someone.

And you know what, there is nothing wrong with boys playing with dolls. What are people worried about, that they might turn out to be good fathers and role models. Now that's something that I can definitely live with!


  1. Exactly right! I want to buy my little boy a doll soon too to teach him to be kind and gentle to babies.

  2. I would have loved one of these dolls when younger. My son would now still as something different

  3. Pam Francis Gregory21:27

    Great review. Thanks

  4. I find these dolls a tad creepy, my younger sister has a few and the eyes do me in!

  5. I'm definitely getting Blake a doll when he is older I don't like gender stereotypes as kids should be able to play with what they like and wear colors ettc that they want to.

  6. Ellen16:54

    Good way to prepare little boys for fatherhood :)

  7. I think this is great has when little boys grow up there more and more playing the father role and taking more responsibility

  8. These dolls are beautiful
    Perfect for learning and fun too

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