My Top 10 Parenting Observations

I love tongue in cheek parenting quotes and always find it amusing how serious people take parenting. Raising children is an amazing experience and a life long lesson, but there are also parts that you don't expect, parts that make you think, wtf! I didn't sign up for that. 

This quote sums parenting up for me...

"You can learn many things from children.                                                                            
                                 How much patience you have, for instance"
- Franklin P. Adams

And so today, I thought I would bring you 10 parenting observations from myself after raising 3 children, and how I feel about certain things. Please remember, this is all just a bit of fun, a different look on parenting to keep us all smiling.

1. The best thing about being a parent is when you put them to bed and later you find them hovering over your face, whilst you sleep, looking like they're going to murder you.

2. If you don't have children, you'll never know the joy of being woken by them on a morning, full of laughter and sweetness... with a short, sharp head-butt from their big fat, loveable, heads.

3. Dungarees for babies were sent by Satan to see who could actually mange to get them on and off, and do nappy changes, without declaring World War III.

4. No matter how calmly you try to bring them up, parenting will always produce weird behaviour, but not from the kids...

5. Kids t-shirts... what're they all about? No, my child is not a 'little hero' or a 'biker dude. For one thing, he stills pee's himself. And don't buy my kids an 'it wasn't me' top as it most probably was them!

6. You're not a true parent if you don't spent your evening hiding those noisy toys and 'accidentally' losing batteries.

7. Raising kids is part joy and part 'stop that', 'don't touch that', 'come down from there', 'don't hit', 'no, you can't'...

8. New story book: Once upon a time, don't touch that, there was a little boy who, don't touch, liked to play, leave it alone, with his dinosaur. Doesn't really have a great ring to it!

9. Everyone thinks they know how to raise children, until they actually have them.

10. Parenting tip: Any cup, mug, plastic-kids-Peppa-Pig-tumbler, can hide alcohol...


  1. Number 5 made me laugh. I haven't bought any of those shirts for my daughter either, you know the "My little Princess", that sort. I just go "hmmm" every time I see one ;) x

  2. hahaha! This made me laugh out loud.
    My youngest has a habit of coming into my room during the night and whispers "mam" to me right in my face. I nearly have a heart attack when I wake up. lol

  3. These made me laugh but particularly number 6. I think a naughty squirrel came and took all the noisy toys away :(

  4. Lol dungarees are literally a gift from Satan. Especially when they have done a massive poo and it goes everywhere dungarees are the worst!

  5. Ha ha the last one made me laugh out loud!! I have forgotten how many batteries we have actually run out of over the last 4 years - only non parents buy those sorts of toys!! :) x

  6. Haha. A very funny list. Dungarees are fine if they have poppers below like baby vests. Otherwise a definite no!

  7. Haha. A very funny list. Dungarees are fine if they have poppers below like baby vests. Otherwise a definite no!

  8. Hehehe loved this list, can definitely relate! Although the dungarees I had for my son had poppers on the bottom, made life so much easier!

  9. Hahahaha definitely has made me chuckle lots, I do not have kids yet so I am definitely in for a surprise right??

  10. love this list made me laugh in places x


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