10 Things I Never Said Before I Had Sons

Sons are amazing, they truly are. I am so blessed to have been gifted with 3 boys that I get to help mould into men. After I had so much fun writing my post, 10 Things That Mums Of Boys Will Understand, I decided to do this one which features the 10 things that I never thought I would ever say.

Well, that was until my sons came along anyway, and now most of these things, amongst others, are said frequently...


Booked It, Packing It And Naffing Off!

Now 2016 is here, we have been looking to book all our holidays for this year. We currently always stay in the UK as I think Joseph is too young to go anywhere too hot and I much prefer to British coast line anyway. 

I started to have a browse around the net this morning to search for deals and new locations to visit, when I came across this here article which states that today is known as Sunshine Saturday in in the travel industry. Apparently, today is the busiest day of the year for holiday companies as us Brits get set for the holidays by booking our summer getaways. 

To be honest, I can't blame people really. It is a way to beat the winter blues and have something to look forward to. A goal for when you need to 'drop a dress size' by. A reminder of when you'll get to spend those days as a family with no interruptions.

As I said, we always book in the UK but according to research by My Voucher Codes, 62% of people would prefer to go abroad with Spain topping the list of holiday destinations for 2016. With its long sandy beaches and hot weather, it is the ideal place to go abroad without too much of a long flight to endure. Only 19% were wanting to holiday in the UK and the remaining 19% were undecided.

I have visited Spain many times and Greece also, Greece being third on the list of where people wanting to visit. When the kids are older, I would love to take them to Greece with us, to see all the beautiful ruins and learn a bit more about the Greek way of life. My husband has a dream of one day visiting Italy, which is 7th on the list, Venice to be precise and then also Australia as he has family who live there although I don't think I could ever do that long flight though!

For us though, just now we are sticking to what we know and like so have booked 3 holidays for this year so far. One to Scarborough, then the Blackpool and then Bridlington. The boys have only ever visited Scarborough so it will be great to show them somewhere different.

I can't wait. Booking our holiday always makes it feel like a weight has lifted. it makes me happy to know that we have plans for the next few months and gets us organised for the year ahead. I really cannot wait to get on that sandy beach and nervously dip my toes in the sea before running away from the Freezing water.

How about you, have you booked your summer holidays yet?