My Love Of Christmas Decorations

Okay, it's safe to say that at Christmas, I go overboard. I like a bit of everything. Light, tinsel, a tree, baubles, wreaths, tack, tack and more tackiness. I can't help it. I adore Christmas and always go over the top. But why not, it's only once a year and it makes it so much more special for the little ones. 

This year, in a bid to find out what type of Christmas tree and decorations us Brit's preferred, Baytree Interiors polled 1,000 residents to ask them a series of questions when it comes to festive decorations. When asked 'What type of Christmas tree do you have?' the fake tree came out top with a staggering 49% of respondents opting for this whereas 18% said they preferred a real tree and totally shocking to me, 23% said that they didn't even have a tree. 

Now I realise that the reason that nearly a quarter of those polled said that they didn't have a tree is down to lack of space or having small children and pets which I guess is understandable. But, to be honest, I couldn't go all Christmas without having a tree. Even when we didn't have kids, I still had a tree every year and decorated the house up all shiny and bright.

When it comes to decorating the rest of the house though, I choose a bit of everything. I love a good bauble and some lights to brighten up the place but I also love candles and rustic wood decorations too. When asked another question, it was deemed that the nations favourite Christmas decoration is Christmas lights, with them getting 42% of the votes, the tree coming slightly behind with 38%. Baubles came third with just under a quarter and tinsel and Christmas wreath coming forth and fifth with 15% and 145 respectively. 

I personally would have said that the tree is may favourite decoration with baubles coming second and then lights third. This is only because the tree is like the big sign that Christmas is coming. Everyone gets excited about putting the tree up and showing off photos. 

Baubles to me are sentimental and something that we take much care in choosing. When our children were born, we started collecting and making our very own decorations for the tree, slowly building up the collection each year. When each of the children were born, they got their own personal decoration, and each year in between we have made a different one to have on the tree. 

Like I said, I love Christmas, I love the tree, the decorations and the tradition that is getting to spruce the house up for Christmas. Do you have your own traditions for Christmas?


  1. I love Christmas too and could not imagine not having a tree although I have a one year old and two year old who keep destroying it xx

  2. I love Christmas decorations too. Christmas lights are my favourite decorations and I like Christmas trees too very cool!

  3. I love fairy lights. I would have them everywhere if I could! Not that keen on tinsel, but adore my tree and decorations.

  4. Growing up we didn't really have Christmas trees but we did have Christmas lights so for me Christmas lights before Christmas trees signifies the start of Christmas. I do have a small Christmas tree but would rather have the lights

  5. I couldn't imagine Christmas without a tree! Prior to having Monkey we would have a fake tree, however getting the tree has been built into our christmas family traditions so now it wouldn't seem right and I think he would be disappointed. I love the home made Christmas decorations xx

  6. Wow, I can't believe that many people don't have a tree! We have an artificial, it's so easy :) We have new ornaments every year & the kids make new things to hang on the tree so it's a real assortment of memories. I love taking each ornament out of the box!

  7. Love the decorations I have that the kids have made