Christmas Gift Guide For Younger Boys

This year, I thought I would split my gift guide up for the children. They are getting to that age where they are starting to like different things and collect new toys, toys for older children, so splitting up this guide was best so that I could show everything that I recommend.

Today I am showing you what I think are great gifts for younger boys. From babies upwards, to the school starting age of 5. Let's take a look and see what there is on offer. 

For The Littlest Ones

If you're looking for a gift for a new mum or a baby, then look no further then BabyBlooms. BabyBlooms are the UK's premier online baby gifts store selling baby clothes bouquets and now have a large range of beautiful and useful ideas for mum and new babies. Luxurious products, all arriving in gorgeous gift boxes and are super stunning.

For a special gift, Raggy-Tag are a traditional British company producing stylish, elegant baby products. Raggy-Tag baby comfort blankets are the perfect choice for babies, with their silky soft, durable fabrics, with a varying selection of ribbon tags around the outside to introduce basic sensory stimulation for little ones.

If you decide to opt for clothing for a little one, then Rockin' Baby clothing are the perfect brand for Christmas giving as, not only will you be gifting a gorgeous clothing item to one of your nearest and dearest, but for every item sold, they will also donate a piece of their clothing to a child in need. 

For super fun toys, the Little Tikes range, Lil' Ocean Explorers are ideal for those little ones who are learning to get around. The Crawl 'n Pop! Turtle is a favourite of Joseph's as it moves around the room, allowing Joseph to practise his crawling, and when it stops, out pop the shapes from its shell. Helping to learn shapes and colours whilst your baby plays also. 

If you want a gift that not only helps babies to drift off to sleep, but also is a godsend for parents, then look no further than Ewan The Dream Sheep. This beautiful sheep is not only a soft and snuggly animal for your baby to cuddle up to, but he has a hidden secret, he emits soft noises to help sooth your baby off to seep. 

A warm pink glow which is supposed to help babies associate this with being in the womb. This gently shines as the sounds play. Starting off with a heartbeat sound, followed by womb sounds, vacuum cleaner, rain or harp music depending on which of the buttons you press. 

For Pre-School Children
My sons love anything to do with balls. Football, throwing balls and bowling. So I know that thy'll adore this super cute Soldier Skittles set.
I mean, a fun skittle sets but with a military theme.  Provide your whole family with hours of fun with these colourful soldier skittles. Perfect for some indoor bowling!

Then we get to the arty stuff. The boys adore art, drawing, colouring and anything crafty, so mixing that with their love of superheroes, I know that this Superman Stationery and Colouring Set will be a winner.

How cool is this DC Comics Superman stationery gift set which is packed full of stationery emblazoned with the Man of Steel graphics. Coming complete with a pencil tin and colouring book, a great gift for any superhero lover.

From toys to goodies. My kids are just like me and have such a sweet tooth. Cadbury's Chocolate is one of our favourites, with the sumptuous Dairy Milk which just melts in the mouth. They have a huge range out for Christmas, all perfect for stocking fillers, for your little ones.

The Marvellous Christmas box has 3 amazing treats inside. Two bars of Jelly Popping Candy chocolate which is just so yummy, and finishing off with a pack of Marvellous Mix-Ups. This is a mixed-up bag of yummy Cadbury Dairy Milk Pebbles, Cadbury White Buttons, Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons and adorable mini Oreos.

Dairy Milk Snowmen come in either vanilla mousse or chocolate mousse and are the perfect stocking filler, as are the ever famous Freddo's. That pesky frog is back with a popping candy treat. The boys enjoy the Snow Bites which are solid milk chocolate balls in crisp sugar shells dusted with icing sugar and obviously the Bitsa wispa are delicious little treats.

I personally adore the Winter Edition Dairy Milk bar. This festive bar is made of milk and white chocolate Christmas Tree shapes. I mean, who doesn't love a bar of festive chocolate!

And there you have it, my gift guide for younger boys. I hope you enjoy my recommendations if you are struggling to buy for the little ones. 


  1. Fab gift ideas Michaela. The chocolate will be a big hit with adults too. Yum

  2. Tag blankets are always a must for my family, my nephew, who is now 10, still has his x

  3. Oo this is such a really nice selection. And would love some of those chocolate!

  4. Raggy tag looks like a fantastic luxury brand and of course who can resist dairy milk? Great gifts .

  5. This is a really lovely gift guide. We used Ewan the sheep and I was very pleased my son found a lot of comfort from the sounds in the early weeks and months. X

  6. I love the rag tag blankets they look brilliant and would be a lovely gift for any baby boy.

  7. My nephew would love the soldier skittles set, that's something it would totally love. Lovely gift guide

  8. Oh so cute, I love your selection! I don't have any little boys to buy for but I wish I did. Love what's on sale for them x

  9. Awww, what a lovely gift guide, I love those little soldiers and the superheroes stationary set! :) Lovely gift guide. xx

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