Christmas Gift Guide For Older Boys

I find that buying for boys is so much fun. There is so much choice though so it's all about buying the perfect present for the recipient. Below is my Christmas 2015 Gift Guide for Young Boy with a range of gifts for all budgets, I'm sure there's something that will suit the little boy in your life.

We all need that one big present and for boys, a scooter seems to always be at the top of the list. This Slamm Stark Scooter comes in green and black and is perfect for the beginner. Sitting between the Classic and Urban models this scooter is for those newer riders looking to pick up the pace and learn some new tricks.

With a new lightened deck and steel dipped t-bar with BMX style grips, this is a very robust scooter with High Rebound Urethane Wheels and a Slamm Flex Brake. Fully upgradeable so will last the years and stay with your child way past the early stages of freestyle riding. 

Who isn't into Thunderbirds at the moment. ever since the new series was released, the boys have been mad for it. That's why I know that they'll love this Thunderbirds Are Go! Scott Tracy Costume which is from Pretend To Bee. Getting to dress up as Scott Tracy and defeat bad guys in this fully printed all in one suit, and loaded with added extras.

The all in one suit has a velcro back fastening and a detachable printed satin sash. A pair of gauntlet forearm accessories finish off the outfit which includes a sound chip and, when pressed, will count all the way down to BLAST OFF!!!

If you have a DC Comics lover in your midst, then this super cute Batman Egg Cup And Toast Cutters are a great idea as a stocking filler. Your boiled egg gets to become Batman, dressed in his own little egg cup costume. Includes a spoon to bop the egg open and some fab plastic superhero symbol cutters for cutting toast to go with your egg.

My boys love drawing. They love anything crafty and so some little stocking filler stationary is a great gift idea. We have this range from Maped Helix which gives innovative ways to store stationary and great educational items too.

The Color'Peps Jungle Innovation mean that all the felt pens stand upright in a pop-up base so they can no longer lose their lids. This is amazing as we always seem to lose a lid whenever felts pens are out. I love the Color'Peps Gel as they glide colour onto the page, with thick strokes and are perfect for smaller children who aren't ready for felt pens yet.

I think the Color'Peps Flex Bos is so innovative. An accordion design pencil pot which flexes down to allow you to easily pick pencils out of it with ease. It is the first flexible pencil pot, exclusive from Maped and comes with a range of coloured pencils to start off your artistry. To compliment this is the Croc Croc Inno. A rabbit-shaped pencil sharpener which teaches children how to sharpen as the teeth move if the pencil is turned in the right direction. 

The one I love is the Kidy'Board as this is a transparent, clean and unbreakable board which is ideal for learning to write on. The non slip frame allows you to add themed sheets underneath so that children can copy them above the clear plastic. Once done, the pen just rubs out so that they can keep practising. 

This Black Ukulele from The Jumping Flea Trading Company is a great way for your little one to start learning their very own instrument. This instrument is really robust with superior strings and has a choice of colours and styles to pick from. A beautiful item that will last the years and give children something to learn. These adorable Ukuleles are only £39.99 and are exclusively available on Amazon.

For a bit of fun, this Natural History Museum Dinosaur Guess Who game is an amazing recreation of the original, Guess Who. This time though, instead of searching for people, you have to work out which dinosaur your opponent has. A great way of helping kids to identify dinosaurs.

My kids, like myself, have a sweet tooth and so I always like to get them some goodies amongst other things. Chocolate is a great stocking filler and these gorgeous Lindt Chocolate Santa & Lindt Gold Reindeer are just the best chocolatey gift. 

The hollow reindeer and Santa are made from gorgeous Lindt milk chocolate which has been moulded into the iconic characters for the festive season. Luxuriously hand finished with a little gold bell it also makes the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones to enjoy.

For a smaller treat, I like to give these super cute Lindt teddy bears which come in a 5 pack. With these and the equally cute pack of gold reindeer which also come with some fluffy antlers, I like to hide them around the house on Christmas Eve and explain to the boys that the elves have been to check on their behaviour, leaving treats as they go. 

The kids love the fact that the elves have been in our house and are also on their best behaviour just in case an elf is still around. Win, win!

I always like to stock up on sweets and treats and so, end up with some goodies as stocking fillers for the boys. Favourites such a Wham and Fruit Salad come in a cute box, perfect for wrapping as a little treat. Those fruity tastes just bring back memories of me snuffling them when I was a child.

If you want to give something else a try though, how about the brand new Butterkist Gingerbread Popcorn which just oozes Christmas spirit. Popped to perfection to create a warming sweet & spicy flavour, they're the perfect way to share the festive spirit. I've never tasted anything like it before. The spices just remind me of Christmas and give a warm, festive feeling as you munch the popcorn. 

It is a great time of year and I cannot wait to show off everything my children received. For now though, I hope you enjoyed my recommendations of what I think older boys would like this Christmas. 


  1. These are great, I love the batman egg and toast set, kind of want that for myself!xx

  2. Another Fab gift guide. I love the batman egg up and toast set. Love that chocolate is on this one too lol got to love a bit of lindt

  3. I must admit I found my son the easiest to buy for this year - there's so many great things about for boys at the moment.

  4. Anonymous14:46

    Great gifts! Brilliant selection, and loads of things in there I wish I could buy my son now, may have to wait a couple more years!

  5. Such a brilliant list. I love the batman egg cup! I'd love that for myself. Mmmmm I wish you hadn't have put lindt there haha. I'm going to have to pop to the shop in a second now. Oops! :-D xx #love2blog

  6. Great ideas - my older son loves drawing, and both my boys love Batman. Kaz x

  7. Oh my goodness we need those pens in our house! I just don't know what happens to the actual pens nevermind the lids! I genuinely have no idea whether to blame the children or the dog!x

  8. Such fab choices! Love the black ukulele so fun!!

  9. Anonymous21:00

    Great selection of gifts, I know my boys would love the scooters for Christmas.

  10. Great ideas, I included the batman egg cup in mine, it's ace isn't it! x

  11. A really great selection of gifts - I actually think my husband would like the batman egg cup!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas #love2blog