Christmas Gift Guide For Men

Men are the worst to buy for when it comes to Christmas I find. No matter what I ask my husband what he actually wants for Christmas, he will just say 'anything' and get on with his day. You can never be sure of what they actually want. 

Below is my 2015 Christmas Gift Guide for Men which incorporates what I think the men in my life would love now modern times have hit.

For The Coffee Lover
It's officially, my husband is an addict. Addicted to coffee that is. No matter where we go he'll want a cup of Joe and will make us go on a witch hunt around the city till he finds the best place. This is true, don't ask about how long we were walking around Alcudia in Majorca till he found the perfect cup!

So I think a gift that keeps on giving would be great when it comes to coffee. There are so many blends to try and so a monthly subscription coffee service sounds like a fab gift for those with the need for coffee. Cafédirect Handpicked offer a monthly subscription that showcases the finest coffee from around the world.

Each month, the recipient will receive a different coffee from Cafédirect Handpicked's Discovery Collection, specially curated by experts who have unearthed hidden gems from the finest farms across the globe - from Tanzania and Vietnam to Brazil. Arriving with a fascinating Tasting Booklet that tells you all about the coffee you are drinking. How Cool is that!

For The Personalised Touch

I always find that personalised gifts go down well because it has been personally picked for that person in mind. So I know that my husband will adore this Personalised Zoo Adventure Book from itsyourstory.co.uk as it is a gift that features a photo of daddy and talks about the adventure that he, and our three boys take to the zoo.

The book celebrates the relationship between an adult and a family of three children. The adult being daddy, grandparent or a special grown up in the children's lives. All aspects of the book can be personalised, from the photo and children's names, to talking about the adults favourite food, their age, and even their favourite colour too.

I think this is a great gift for children to parent as, although the children do feature in the book, it is the adult's face which is incorporated into the illustrations. The grown-up gets to swing in the trees with the monkeys, hang upside down alongside bats and hides in the bamboo with a panda, making story time fun.

To Keep Them Smelling Good
Aftershave gifts are always a good bet because it's something that is worn a lot so you can easily sip into conversation about their scent of choice so you get that hint of the correct one to get. My husband loves Joop and so this Joop Homme Aftershave Gift Set is perfect for him.

Joop is a classic refreshing fragrance with an aura of masculine sensuality, enriched with allantoin and hamamelis, which moisturises, conditions and soothes just-shaved skin. The gifts set includes 3 products, Joop Homme Eau de Toilette 75ml, Joop shower gel 50ml and aftershave balm 50ml to keep the skin clean, smelling good, leaving you feeling as soft as silk.

Treat loved ones this Christmas with the ultimate gift sets from Dove Men+Care. A great little gift for the man in your life is this fab Dove Men+Care Minis Gift Tin which includes a trio of travel sized products including two Clean Comfort Body & Face Washes 55ml for a refreshing clean and a Clean Comfort Anti-Perspirant 35ml with its 48hr powerful protection.

The perfect size to have in your backpack for when needed. Whether it be out on a walk in the countryside, at work when working up a sweat, or on holiday, it will leave his skin feeling protected, cared for and the face washes fight the causes of skin dryness too.

For Those Who Love A Good Tipple
When it comes to spirits, Christmas is the time to try out some new flavours and that's why I think Beinn Dubh Ruby-Black Whisky from Speyside Distillery is the perfect tipple and Christmas. Beinn Dubh, single malt whisky, has a unique twist in it's flavour, with hints of rich chocolate, spices, fruits and currants, making it taste exactly like Christmas cake in a glass.

The taste of the whisky is deep and dark, just like the mountain - fruits, currants and chocolate dominate at first, but these gradually give way to both bitterness and sweetness. Ideal for those who are yet to build up a palate for whisky, making it the perfect introductory drink.

Those Stocking Fillers
Men love a good gadget, my husband especially and he also loves watching sports on his phone whilst moaning about having to hold said phone at the correct angle to see the footage correctly. Hence why Standeazy is the perfect stocking filler for him.

Standeazy is the practical credit card sized phone and tablet stand that easily fits in your wallet so you can always be hands-free when it comes to watching anything on a device. Coming in three different colours and in either polymer or a metal version, Standeazy will hold your device horizontal or vertical and the angle can be altered to suit. I think it's amazing, as will me husband who will be able to watch his football hands-free on his phone in peace now.

I think these would be perfect gifts for the man in your life this Christmas and I cannot wait to see my husbands face when he opens his presents and see what surprises he has in store. 


  1. This is such a lovely guide gift for men. Thank you for sharing it with us. I have my eyes on that coffee lol

  2. My favourite of all the pressies listed here is that personalised book! I get the impression that daddy and daughter would both enjoy it very much! :)

  3. Love that standeazy. Clever idea, quirky but does the job that it's meant to do.

  4. some nice ideas there I love the smell of Joop so would get mine that too!

  5. Joop is one of those scents that I just absolutely love, I dont think I will ever not like it x

  6. I love the smell of Joop, but hubby hates it. Such a shame, ill buy the mens one just to smell ha ha. Love the book it looks so cool. Love looking at gift guides for ideas.

  7. Some nice suggestions - I always find men tricky to buy for so nice to have some ideas.