Joseph's Milestones: 9 Months Old

I know everyone always says that the baby stage goes really fast, but it is true. In just 3 short months Joseph will be 1 year old and no longer 'zero' as Thomas puts it. I cannot fathom how quick this time has passed, it feels like yesterday that I was bringing him home and writing how Joseph came in to this world as a teeny tiny little baby.

Joseph is always on the go, never wanting to sit still and is starting to outgrow his Jumperoo, his once much loved toy, as he is wanting to be constantly moving and climbing. He can now sit unaided, crawl with ease and has started trying to pull himself up on furniture, standing for a few seconds before toppling over. 

With 4 teeth fully through and another 2 on the way, Joseph is enjoying a varied diet, loving trying new foods and textures all the time. He will often have homemade mashed foods, mostly what we are having and sometimes will eat solids like breads, pittas, pizzas and veg, getting his little chompers chewing. 

Having three meals a day, snacks and then a couple of bottles still. Joseph will go down to bed around 8.30pm and then wake for a bottle at 11pm before going back to sleep until 6am which isn't that bad really. 

As a regular Hulk baby,Joseph now weighs 18lb 15oz and has been comfortably in his 9-12 month clothing for the past 6 weeks and is wearing them well, still shoeless as I hate restricting babies feet, but will sometimes opt for soft sole shoes if we're outdoors for long periods. 

Joseph has definitely found his voice now and is always 'talking' to anyone and everyone and even has an angry growl for is he isn't getting his own way. He is currently going through the stage whereby he hates to be away from me and so cries if I leave the room meaning that it is hard work at the moment to get anything done as I've constantly got a baby round my legs. 

It is so strange when I look back. The past few months, since I wrote Joseph's 6 month update, I have noticed so many changes in him and his personality has changed so much. The bond between him and his big brothers is so strong. I see his face light up when they enter the room and he will constantly be trying to climb onto them or play with their toys with them. It is adorable to see this bond growing everyday. 

Shortly Joseph will be attending his 8-10 month check up which will confirm that he is currently passing all his milestones and so that's it for now. I'll be back in 3 month with, I can't believe I'm saying this, his 1 year update!


  1. Scary how quick they grow up Blake's 11 month update will be in a week if u fancy reading it.

  2. Time whizzes by so quickly. Love the owl on his cot, a really beautiful and unusual colour for a cot.

  3. What a lovely record to keep. It's incredible how fast they change at this age, and keep changing over the first few years.

  4. Aw, lovely pictures and so nice to record the different times so that you remember. My eldest is 20 now and I still remember her birth as clear as day, crazy how quickly the years have gone by!

  5. Aww what a lovely update. Yes they grow so fast it is unbelievable. I love his cot, it is gorgeous x

  6. Aww, he's such a cutie! They really do grow up so quickly! It's so wonderful that he's developing such a strong bond with his brothers, there really is nothing like having a sibling (or two!) that you're close to.

    C x | Lux Life

  7. They do grow so fast, I have a 9 year old and a 5 year old and it seems like they were babies just a couple of years ago.

    Kirsty Fox

  8. Aw bless him, I totally agree about them growing too fast! I love the photo of the three brothers together. I have two girls and I'm just loving watching them getting closer to each other as they get older and the youngest is able to communicate better.xx

  9. I agree it does go fast. My baby is now 6.5 months old.

  10. Enjoy while you can - time whizzes by so fast

  11. Anonymous22:23

    It is so true that it all goes far too fast. Photographs (and yours are lovely) are a great way of being able to look back so it is so important to take a lot!

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler