My 6 Top Tips For Weaning

Weaning is one of the hardest and yet most fun parts of bringing up a baby. Teaching them how to eat, try new foods and help them grow into a lover of the variety of foods there are about. 

It is hard though, working out how to start off, which way you will feed, baby-led or spoon-led, what to feed, when to try different foods, there is so many decisions, and even though Joseph is my third child, it hasn't been any more easier than with the other boys. 

I thought today, as part of our Vital Baby #WeaningWarriors role, that I would give my top tips to help when it comes to weaning. I follow these 6 tips and, so far, Joseph is enjoying his journey into solid food. So, here are my 6 top tips for weaning...

Be Prepared
This is the main one. When you are planning to wean, get prepared. Don't just start when you haven't got everything sorted. You need to be persistent and cannot be stopping and starting with weaning because you aren't fully prepared. Stock up on jars and pouches if you are using ready made baby foods and make sure you have all the utensils to hand. The Vital Baby Feeding Kit Bundle gives you everything you will need for the weaning process. And if your're weaning above a brand new cream carpet, make sure you have a blanket or towel down to protect it!

Let Your Baby Set The Pace
All children are different and learn at their own pace so it's important to follow your babies natural pace and not rush them. Responsive feeding is key here. Learn the signs of when your baby has had enough and don't push it. Like adults, sometimes babies just aren't as hungry as other times and so might not eat the same amount all the time. 

Teething Doesn't Have To Be A Pain
Teething is a hard time for babies and parents too. Not settling at night, the pains they get, and the fact that it will more than likely put your baby of his food as it hurts to eat. I've found the foods such as tubes yoghurt's are great for teething babies as it's cooling and you can even put them in the freezer for a little while so your baby can grind their gums against it.  

Finger Foods Are Key
When your baby had mastered chewing and is a little pro at munching their way through foods, make sure to offer finger foods as the next step as this will teach them how to handle food properly and eventually manage to get it to their own mouth so they can feed themselves. Steamed carrots and broccoli are great to start with, following on to other veg and sandwiches and toast when they're ready. 

Trial And Error
Weaning is all about trial and error. Keep trying different food and you'll eventually start to learn what your baby does and doesn't like. If your baby turns his nose up at something then just try something else and then come back to it a different day. 

But most of all...

Make It Fun
If you get stressed as your baby hasn't eaten something, then so will he. Finger foods are great for fun feeding time because I find that if I make it fun, sounds and all, popping a carrot into my mouth and pulling faces will make Joseph do the same whilst chuckling away this will help your baby develop a healthy relationship with food. 

So there you have it, my 6 tips for weaning. Do you have any other tips to add?


Joseph's Milestones: 9 Months Old

I know everyone always says that the baby stage goes really fast, but it is true. In just 3 short months Joseph will be 1 year old and no longer 'zero' as Thomas puts it. I cannot fathom how quick this time has passed, it feels like yesterday that I was bringing him home and writing how Joseph came in to this world as a teeny tiny little baby.

Joseph is always on the go, never wanting to sit still and is starting to outgrow his Jumperoo, his once much loved toy, as he is wanting to be constantly moving and climbing. He can now sit unaided, crawl with ease and has started trying to pull himself up on furniture, standing for a few seconds before toppling over. 

With 4 teeth fully through and another 2 on the way, Joseph is enjoying a varied diet, loving trying new foods and textures all the time. He will often have homemade mashed foods, mostly what we are having and sometimes will eat solids like breads, pittas, pizzas and veg, getting his little chompers chewing. 

Having three meals a day, snacks and then a couple of bottles still. Joseph will go down to bed around 8.30pm and then wake for a bottle at 11pm before going back to sleep until 6am which isn't that bad really. 

As a regular Hulk baby,Joseph now weighs 18lb 15oz and has been comfortably in his 9-12 month clothing for the past 6 weeks and is wearing them well, still shoeless as I hate restricting babies feet, but will sometimes opt for soft sole shoes if we're outdoors for long periods. 

Joseph has definitely found his voice now and is always 'talking' to anyone and everyone and even has an angry growl for is he isn't getting his own way. He is currently going through the stage whereby he hates to be away from me and so cries if I leave the room meaning that it is hard work at the moment to get anything done as I've constantly got a baby round my legs. 

It is so strange when I look back. The past few months, since I wrote Joseph's 6 month update, I have noticed so many changes in him and his personality has changed so much. The bond between him and his big brothers is so strong. I see his face light up when they enter the room and he will constantly be trying to climb onto them or play with their toys with them. It is adorable to see this bond growing everyday. 

Shortly Joseph will be attending his 8-10 month check up which will confirm that he is currently passing all his milestones and so that's it for now. I'll be back in 3 month with, I can't believe I'm saying this, his 1 year update!


Rockin' Baby Clothing

When it comes to babywearing, I'm sure everyone has heard of Rockin' Baby. Their gorgeous slings and pouches for little ones stand out a mile with beautiful designs and their You Buy, We Give: Mother to Mother policy just shows how super ethical they are. With the purchase of every product they will donate the same product to a mum in need whilst educating her on the importance it holds in her baby’s life. Helping women and children in need in Haiti and Kenya. 

Well now they are back but this time with a beautiful, brand new range of baby and children's clothing again are donating clothing to children in need to match how many they have sold. It really is a great way to show just how much they care about those in need all around the world.

It also means that for every purchase you make, you know that you are also helping a child in need. Not a bad way to spend your day, sopping for your children and helping out another at the same time. I guess that's what they call guilt free shopping. 

To show just how beautiful this range of clothing is, Rockin' Baby have sent me out some of their items to show off here on the blog and check out the quality for myself. For this, the boys got to put in their very own fashion show with the help of the great outdoors, autumn leaves and berry trees. 

For both Thomas and Charlie, they received the beautiful Hunter Bear Stripe Twofer from the Woodland Wonderland clothing range. The adorable hand-drawn style bear looks stunning and stands out so much against the classic breton stripe background and coordinating long sleeves. 

The material, whilst being very thick and durable, is also very soft making it feel good on children's skin. The thickness is great for this colder weather and hugs to the child, keeping them snuggly warm whilst they play outdoors in style.

I love the stripy pattern as it isn't proper solid stripes as you'd expect. They're jagged and slightly odd to give a funky look and the super cute bear print is a gorgeous way to add a bit of childish fun into the mix. 

Then moving on to Joseph who received a gorgeous clothing set from the baby range. The rocket-tastic Rollin’ Space Print Tee and the matching Crawlin’ Space Print Pants are from the adorable Space range of clothing from Rockin' Baby and truly are out of this world!.

Made from 100% cotton, this beautiful space themed set are super soft and great for little crawlers with the stretchy fabric which glides easily along the floor as Joseph crawls. The navy backgrounds works perfectly with the lighter blue rockets, spaceships and stars and the grey cuffs just further coordinate to make a great combo set. 

The tee is long sleeved so great for the colder weather and also helps to protect his little elbows from carpet burns as the material in thick and so, so soft. I would say my only qualm is that the lap over collar might be great for getting over his head easily but can loosen off over the day time and become a little baggy towards the end of the day, but I think that's more to do with the fact that Joseph is currently at the stretching and climbing stage and is constantly pulling on his top. 

Fitting wise, the clothing for older boys is very generous indeed so Charlie, who is 4 was wearing size 3-4 years and Thomas, who is 6 is donning 5-6 years. The range of babies is probably about right for sizings and so Joseph was wearing his normal size.

The boys have loved posing for this beautiful range of clothing from Rockin' Baby and I have thoroughly enjoyed writing about a lovely, ethical company. Pop over to the Rockin' Baby website for more information or to purchase any of these clothing items.