I'm From Yorkshire!

You're probably reading this thinking 'Well isn't this a stupid title for a post. We know you're from Yorkshire, it's in your name' but no, I'm talking about the fab company that is I'm From Yorkshire and am here to talk about the great items that they offer for us Yorkshire folk.

There you will find a wide range of Yorkshire themed products, specialising in t-shirts that any Yorkshire person would be proud to wear and ranging in gifts of mugs and phone cases to prints and maps. 

After having a look around their site, I realised just how proud I am to be a Yorkie and couldn't wait to work with them on this post, getting to talk all things Yorkshire and showing off some of their products at the same time. 

So, what did I choose?

First up is the cute Lil Miss. Flippin Eck T-Shirt which I find just adorable. I love the Mr Men and Li'l Miss series so this was one of my favourites and more importantly, you don't realise just how often I use the phrase 'flipping eck' on a daily basis. 

Made from 100% soft cotton, produced in Yorkshire with an high quality A3 print across the chest. Not only does the print show off some Yorkshire words but it is fun and funky and a perfect head turner. Great in the wash and irons well too. 

Secondly, I went for a Tek Lass Outta Yorkshire Phone Case which comes in various sizes to fit iPhones and iPads. I went for a iPhone 5s case so it would fit my phone. With the option of going for a lighter, stylish cover which is white, or a heavy duty protector cover which is black, I went for the protector as I knew that it would come in handy for the amount of times I have dropped the damn thing. 

I love this case as it is thick and so protective, and whenever I get my phone out, I can show off the fact that I'm from Yorkshire with the slogan that is emblazoned on the back. It states 'Tha c'n tek lass outta Yorkshire but tha' can't tek Yorkshire outta t'lass'. Which I'm sure you all understand but it's shown off in my Yorkshire dialect, exactly how I would say it. 

Lastly, I chose a gift for my hubby, a Yorkshire Lad Mug which has a similar logo to a certain famous type of tea bags, but with Yorkshire Lad as the tagline instead. This white ceramic high quality mug shows off my county with pride every time I make my husband a brew and he's used it ever since it arrived.

If you are from Yorkshire or know a Yorkie then a products from I'm From Yorkshire would be the perfect, quirky gift this coming Christmas. Take a look and see what you like...


  1. I love this idea, I wish we had one doing where I am from! Love the T-shirt, its absolutely brilliant!

  2. I love that you say 'flippin eck', it's funny all the different slang words and phrases different parts of a country have isn't it? The Little Miss t-shirt is a fab idea, love that they offer all these things for Yorkshire folk :)

  3. I love the T Shirt. I am a fellow Northerner, so flippin' 'eck isn't uncommon in our house. I imagine Yorkshire folk would have a ball ordering from here x

  4. That's such a fun idea - I have a friend from Yorkshire and think this may just be her Christmas present sorted. Flipping eck :)

  5. i love that phone case

  6. How cute is that t-shirt! I'd love to find something like that for Dublin. Definitely no mistaking where you're from after this post ;)

  7. haha I love gifts like this. We have quite a few companies that do 'liverpool' gifts similar and they always make me grin x

  8. Love these gifts. Perfect for any member of my family especially as I am a 'Yorkshire Lass' too! I especially love the phone case.

  9. Ha, these are really funny! I think I love the t-shirt the best, who doesn't like the Mr Men?! :) The phone case would be excellent too, don't know how anyone manages without a case.

  10. These items are hilarious! I particularly like the phone case.

  11. I love these items...i was born and bred in yorkshire and can relate to all these sayings!


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