Easy Peasy Golden Buns Recipe

As a family, we love baking. Having been brought up by a mum who is a baker, I am used to seeing cakes being baked and decorated and so picked up tips and recipes over the years. 

For me, I like to make things that are easier than what my mum makes. I'm not in to big lavish fruit cakes that need months to stand for a better taste, I like recipes that are simple and that I can teach the boys to do so that they too, grow up knowing how to cook and how to bake cakes and treats. 

So today I'm sharing my super simple easy peasy golden buns recipe. So easy to make that these buns were produced by Thomas, making them all on his own (bar me taking them out of the oven and supervision whilst using the mixer) And here's how you make them...

You will need:
150g butter
150g sugar 
175g self raising flour
3 eggs
100g golden syrup

Serve plain or make you own topping with icing sugar and water with sprinkles to decorate. 

1.   Pre-heat oven to 180 C and line a bun tin with 12 cases. 
2.  Put your sugar and butter into a mixing bowl and cream together until light a fluffy. 
3.  Slowly add the flour and the eggs a bit at a time, constantly mixing to stop lumps and 
     then add the     golden syrup and fold in to the mixture. 
4.  Divide the mixture evenly between the bun cases and place in the oven for around 12 to 
     15 minutes until firm and golden brown on top. 
5.  Take out and place on a cooling rack until cooled down and then devour. 

They're that simple! You could also mix 100g of icing sugar with drops of water to make the right consistency  and add the top of the buns with some sprinkles to give them a topping, but this is optional, the buns are delicious on their own. 


  1. That looks like a yummy and very simple recipe. My two love to bake - we will have to give this a try for my daughter's next school bun day!

  2. I bet these smell amazing baking in the oven. Cooking is a fantastic skill to teach them.

  3. Fab! I'm like you, I much prefer quick and easy recipes and it's lovely to have homemade treats.

  4. I'm no good at cooking or baking. But I like following easy recipes. This certainly looks easy and can even be decorated.

  5. Love this simple recipe and so easy to make too. Too easy to eat too, yummy!

  6. Like you I think it is important that children learn to cook too. Great recipe for little people.

  7. It's 9.45pm and I want to go and make these with a big bowl of custard. Great simple recipe for the kids :)

  8. Great to see the kids involved. I love the way the turned out. They look really good!

  9. He looks to be a better cook than me!

  10. Wow these look very tasty I love baking

  11. thanks for sharing this recipe x

  12. must try these with my 2 :)


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