Weaning Update - Vital Baby Essentials

Joseph has taken to weaning like a duck to water. Loving to try every new food and always wanting a variety which is great to see. He's now on 3 full meals a day and loves this new routine. It seems to have settled him more too as he's now going for longer between feeds. 

All our weaning essentials have come from Vital Baby as we are proud to be #WeaningWarriors for them whilst Joseph goes through his feeding journey. So today I am going to talk about Vital Baby. About their products that have helped Joseph start onto this new path and how he is getting on with them.

So, who are Vital Baby? In 2005 the Vital Baby and their feeding products was born after a few years developing the range of baby feeding accessories and quickly became known for quality, innovation and family values that inspired its creation. 

When it came to weaning Joseph, I was apprehensive. Babies can be so fussy with foods and it's all about perseverance and finding what they like and then trying to grow that base over time. 

To help on this new journey, Vital Baby sent us a set of weaning essentials. We received:

  • First Food Pots
  • Weaning Set
  • First Tumbler
  • Soft Tip Weaning Spoons
  • Press 'n' Pop Mini Freezer Pots

When they arrived, Joseph had just started to try his first foods and so we got to using them straight away to see how they faired. The bundle of products that we received contained everything that we needed to start weaning. From the basics of bowls and spoons to freezer pots for making your own homemade weaning creations.

When it comes to Vital Baby products, I love that they think about problems that parents may come across. The weaning set combats one of the main ones that we have faced. Having food for Joseph when we are out and about. The weaning set comprises of a bowl which is sealed with a lid for easy travel and a clipped part on top of the lid which holds a spoon 

I think it's great that I can just prepare food before we go out and then throw it into the changing bag until Joseph wants it. No searching the bag for runaway spoons or worrying about opening my bag to a baby food bomb as the contents are kept safely inside the lidded bowl. 

For when we are at home, I have found that the first food pots, baby's first tumbler and soft tipped spoons are predominantly used at feeding time. 

The First Food Pots are the perfect size for feeding a full meal to Joseph and also have clip on lids for if you make up extra and put it in the fridge for dinner time or want to pop out on your travels. Holding around 6oz of food, this is well enough for young weaners or for keeping snacks in and also keeping them fresh by closing the lid.

The super soft spout on the Baby's First Tumbler is great for sensitive gums. With the option of having either non-spill or a free flow 2 in 1 valve, it gives you control of how the drink comes out. It is the perfect size for little hands and Joseph has no problem at all drinking from it although I do think it would benefit from handles to make this easier when baby's are first learning to hold the tumbler.

When it comes to the spoons, I think it's great that you et a pack of them as they always seem to be the thing that disappear. They are soft tipped to protect sensitive mouths and have curved handles which gives Joseph a better grip on them. 

By far though, out of all the products, my favourite are the mini Press 'n' Pop freezer pots. You get 8 in a pack and each pot holds 1oz/30ml. I make a lot of baby food myself as I try to get Joseph eating the same as us just a more blended, mashed and baby-friendly version. So when it comes to freezing food, these pots are perfect. 

The secure clip-on lids protect the food from contamination and from leaking and they stack up for storing neatly in the freezer. The soft Press 'n' Pop bases are inspired though as it means no more trying to force the food out of the pot when needed, you just simply press in the base and out pops the food. Joseph has 2 pots worth of food at a time so it means that I can have 4 meals ready and prepared in the freezer for when he wants them. 

Products with thoughts gone in to them, with attention to detail, with everything a parent needs when it comes to weaning time. They have made weaning easy and fun now that I'm no longer worrying about storage and freezing. 

You can find more information and purchase these products from the Vital Baby website (they are available in pink and blue as well as the orange that we received) and now I can see why these are award winning products!


  1. Anonymous18:28

    useful first eating set

  2. Sounds like a great brand, I do not yet have kids but I can imagine my SIL would have loved to have these when my nephew was weaning.

  3. I am long past this stage but regularly still come across little pots like this that remains from that time!

  4. I am pleased to say that I am passed this stage, pleased in that at the time I was always worried I was giving the right thing and choking on small bits etc. From your review I would have found the pots very useful. I remember freezing a lot of surplace food. Great review, thank you for sharing xxxxx

  5. Anonymous22:03

    Ahhh I'm so glad this stage is behind us I found it quite stresfull having to be so organised, we have two great eaters now, the smallest lady even eats pickles, beetroot and lord know whatever else we put in front of her!

  6. I love that these come in pink and blue too! I can imagine pink being gorgeous! I wish I had known about these for when my niece was younger, would have been perfect! The more we know aye!

  7. These all look great. Bowls with lids were my must have when weaning! x

  8. I love all these little pots. Although we are way past the weaning stage they come in so useful and great for portion control for me (ha!) #TriedTested

  9. Wow, what a great set - i am always on the look out for new feeding equipment for Elliott! Such a lovely read! Thanks for sharing! Suz x Beauisblue.com

  10. These look like fantastic weaning essentials! I love the fact the spoon can be kept safely in the lid before or after use to save it roaming free in your changing bag! x

  11. These look so fab - I loved making up Pickles meals and freezing them when he was weaning. Kaz x

  12. We did baby led weaning so thankfully I didn't need to transport food like that. But we did use vital baby spoons (I got samples free at the baby show).


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