Joseph's Milestones: 6 Months Old

6 months! How have 6 months passed already? Well actually it's over 6 months as we've been so busy and so I forgot to write up this post last week. 

Joseph is now 6 months old...

Over this time, I have seen him grow, literally shoot up in size and also in what he can do, in himself. One of the most beautiful things, is watching you baby grow a little bit more each day. Seeing them notice more things, learn new things even try new things. 

From this tiny little baby that arrived into this world with the shortest labour ever, this gorgeous little boy has grown and become his own little character.

My little baby, my third child, my last child, is growing up, and it seems way too quickly. I sit and watch him sleep on a night and just reminisce about only a few months ago when he was teeny tiny and woke only to have a feed then going straight back to sleep or would grip my finger and hold it tight.

It feels so real now, that we'll never have another baby. Now that my littlest child is growing, getting bigger everyday and becoming his own person, no longer this little fragile newborn he once was.

I watch him and wonder where the time has gone. It has passed so quickly. From that first proper belly laugh (the one that wasn't wind) to his first coo. Watching him start to get moving, rolling over, sitting up to standing up and for a short time, standing unaided.

His first mouthful of food which made him smile with glee at the new taste but also getting to learn what he likes and doesn't like. Mango is currently a no-go.

This little personality growing up everyday and always learning. Watching him learn ow to crawl is so cute. More like a flounder struggling to swim, but at least he's getting there, or he will do eventually.

Joseph is fond of blowing raspberries, his Jumperoo and eating his toes, or trying to but usually ending up with his hand in his mouth. His brothers love to help him along the way playing with him, talking to him and trying to get him to talk albeit a little young but at least they're trying.

Still waking at night for a bottle (he just can't get enough of that milk) but does usually go to sleep around 8 at night, wake for his bottle then back to sleep till 7. So not bad really all in all. With regards to naps, he has a morning sleep and and afternoon one. Staying awake for a lot longer during the day to play an eat (and oh boy does he like to eat!)

As a growing lad, Joseph is comfortably into his 6-9 month clothing (actually, he's been in them about a month!) and is just about going in to size 4 nappies. He has proper cute chunky legs which need the extra space.

It is amazing how quickly a little baby can change and I now can't wait for the next 6 months of changes and new found experiences for my littlest and last child. I just hope it slows down so I don't miss a thing.


  1. what a little cutie, the months just fly by

  2. Sarah Greene20:02

    That has past quick. He's grown so muc!

  3. Anonymous07:35

    I miss my daughter been so young. If I'd have thought about it back then I would have had a few more children

    Wendy W

    1. The first few years just pass so quick don't they x

  4. Awww so cute! What lovely pictures you have!! :D

  5. Anonymous23:49


  6. What a gorgeous boy, those eyes!

  7. super cute he is! my twin babies are 6 months old in 2 weeks. time flies. x