Back To School: Shoes With Style

When buying the school uniform for the next year, we all seem to focus on trousers with a good amount of length, stain-proof polo shirts and jumpers with school logos. The one thing that always seems to get left till the last minute though is the shoes. 

You'd think that these would be the most important part as, since your child will be wearing them for around 6 hours at school, they need to be a multitude of different things. They need to be formal enough to fit in with the school dress code, have a stylish edge and most importantly, be comfortable. 

So today I thought I'd put together a list of my favourite brands that I think would look great at the start of the school year to give that formal school look but have a dash of style added in. 

Fashionable Plimsolls
I think a lot of children wear plimsolls nowadays. I remember when I was a child and they weren't in fashion at all, they were the thing you wore for p.e. if you had to but now, they are a stylish item to have in your shoe cupboard.

These Vans Atwood plimsolls are sure to make a cool statement on the first day of school. A way to keep on-trend on the playground but give your child a pair of Vans shoes that are lace fastened and will give them comfort for the whole day. 

The Classic Pair
Again, a staple item that has come from years back when they were a big fashion item. In the 90's, you were on top form if you had a pair of Kickers to show off at the beginning of term

Kickers Reasan laced school shoes are a smart and sporty pair made from leather. These moccasin style shoes boast a streamlined silhouette whilst standing out with the green Kickers logo emblazoned on the back. 

For The Velcro Lovers
Younger children struggle with laces, especially when rushing after p.e. or when they don't have time to stop playing to fasten them. Laces are just calling out to be tripped over and cause accidents so for the runaway child it's best to stick with Velcro to make play easier.

These Timberland Woodman Park shoes not only have a Velcro fastening for getting them on and off with ease, but they are a trainer style for comfort whilst still looking smart enough for school. These robust leather shoes from Timberland are perfect for wear and tear in the school yard. 

I think it is quite hard when buying for children these days as shoes need to have it all. From the comfort factor with good branding, to having a good sole and being robust enough to last even the most adventurous child. 

When it comes to shoe shopping (even shoes for the kids) I'm indecisive and so will probably buy the boys a few pairs each so they can alternate styles and see which they prefer after prolonged wear.

So what do you think, are your children partial to a bit of Velcro, do they pull off the plimsolls with style or are they a fan of the classics? 


  1. OMG I had those style kickers at school and I thought I was so cool with them lol cant believe they are back in fashion! H has to have special shoes due to issues with her walking so sadly when she starts at nursery she will be wearing those

    1. I loved Kickers too but could never afford them when I was younger lol

  2. some lovely shoes, I always struggle to get a good fit for my oldest daughter she has the skinniest feet ever!

    1. Try going to a proper shoe place who will measure her feet and find ones that fit best x

  3. School shoes with the velcro are easier for my son as still can't do laces. He is learning. I like the Kickers :-)

    1. Yeah, Velcro is great for younger children :-)

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