Weaning Update - Vital Baby Essentials

Joseph has taken to weaning like a duck to water. Loving to try every new food and always wanting a variety which is great to see. He's now on 3 full meals a day and loves this new routine. It seems to have settled him more too as he's now going for longer between feeds. 

All our weaning essentials have come from Vital Baby as we are proud to be #WeaningWarriors for them whilst Joseph goes through his feeding journey. So today I am going to talk about Vital Baby. About their products that have helped Joseph start onto this new path and how he is getting on with them.

So, who are Vital Baby? In 2005 the Vital Baby and their feeding products was born after a few years developing the range of baby feeding accessories and quickly became known for quality, innovation and family values that inspired its creation. 

When it came to weaning Joseph, I was apprehensive. Babies can be so fussy with foods and it's all about perseverance and finding what they like and then trying to grow that base over time. 

To help on this new journey, Vital Baby sent us a set of weaning essentials. We received:

  • First Food Pots
  • Weaning Set
  • First Tumbler
  • Soft Tip Weaning Spoons
  • Press 'n' Pop Mini Freezer Pots

When they arrived, Joseph had just started to try his first foods and so we got to using them straight away to see how they faired. The bundle of products that we received contained everything that we needed to start weaning. From the basics of bowls and spoons to freezer pots for making your own homemade weaning creations.

When it comes to Vital Baby products, I love that they think about problems that parents may come across. The weaning set combats one of the main ones that we have faced. Having food for Joseph when we are out and about. The weaning set comprises of a bowl which is sealed with a lid for easy travel and a clipped part on top of the lid which holds a spoon 

I think it's great that I can just prepare food before we go out and then throw it into the changing bag until Joseph wants it. No searching the bag for runaway spoons or worrying about opening my bag to a baby food bomb as the contents are kept safely inside the lidded bowl. 

For when we are at home, I have found that the first food pots, baby's first tumbler and soft tipped spoons are predominantly used at feeding time. 

The First Food Pots are the perfect size for feeding a full meal to Joseph and also have clip on lids for if you make up extra and put it in the fridge for dinner time or want to pop out on your travels. Holding around 6oz of food, this is well enough for young weaners or for keeping snacks in and also keeping them fresh by closing the lid.

The super soft spout on the Baby's First Tumbler is great for sensitive gums. With the option of having either non-spill or a free flow 2 in 1 valve, it gives you control of how the drink comes out. It is the perfect size for little hands and Joseph has no problem at all drinking from it although I do think it would benefit from handles to make this easier when baby's are first learning to hold the tumbler.

When it comes to the spoons, I think it's great that you et a pack of them as they always seem to be the thing that disappear. They are soft tipped to protect sensitive mouths and have curved handles which gives Joseph a better grip on them. 

By far though, out of all the products, my favourite are the mini Press 'n' Pop freezer pots. You get 8 in a pack and each pot holds 1oz/30ml. I make a lot of baby food myself as I try to get Joseph eating the same as us just a more blended, mashed and baby-friendly version. So when it comes to freezing food, these pots are perfect. 

The secure clip-on lids protect the food from contamination and from leaking and they stack up for storing neatly in the freezer. The soft Press 'n' Pop bases are inspired though as it means no more trying to force the food out of the pot when needed, you just simply press in the base and out pops the food. Joseph has 2 pots worth of food at a time so it means that I can have 4 meals ready and prepared in the freezer for when he wants them. 

Products with thoughts gone in to them, with attention to detail, with everything a parent needs when it comes to weaning time. They have made weaning easy and fun now that I'm no longer worrying about storage and freezing. 

You can find more information and purchase these products from the Vital Baby website (they are available in pink and blue as well as the orange that we received) and now I can see why these are award winning products!


Joseph's Milestones: 6 Months Old

6 months! How have 6 months passed already? Well actually it's over 6 months as we've been so busy and so I forgot to write up this post last week. 

Joseph is now 6 months old...

Over this time, I have seen him grow, literally shoot up in size and also in what he can do, in himself. One of the most beautiful things, is watching you baby grow a little bit more each day. Seeing them notice more things, learn new things even try new things. 

From this tiny little baby that arrived into this world with the shortest labour ever, this gorgeous little boy has grown and become his own little character.

My little baby, my third child, my last child, is growing up, and it seems way too quickly. I sit and watch him sleep on a night and just reminisce about only a few months ago when he was teeny tiny and woke only to have a feed then going straight back to sleep or would grip my finger and hold it tight.

It feels so real now, that we'll never have another baby. Now that my littlest child is growing, getting bigger everyday and becoming his own person, no longer this little fragile newborn he once was.

I watch him and wonder where the time has gone. It has passed so quickly. From that first proper belly laugh (the one that wasn't wind) to his first coo. Watching him start to get moving, rolling over, sitting up to standing up and for a short time, standing unaided.

His first mouthful of food which made him smile with glee at the new taste but also getting to learn what he likes and doesn't like. Mango is currently a no-go.

This little personality growing up everyday and always learning. Watching him learn ow to crawl is so cute. More like a flounder struggling to swim, but at least he's getting there, or he will do eventually.

Joseph is fond of blowing raspberries, his Jumperoo and eating his toes, or trying to but usually ending up with his hand in his mouth. His brothers love to help him along the way playing with him, talking to him and trying to get him to talk albeit a little young but at least they're trying.

Still waking at night for a bottle (he just can't get enough of that milk) but does usually go to sleep around 8 at night, wake for his bottle then back to sleep till 7. So not bad really all in all. With regards to naps, he has a morning sleep and and afternoon one. Staying awake for a lot longer during the day to play an eat (and oh boy does he like to eat!)

As a growing lad, Joseph is comfortably into his 6-9 month clothing (actually, he's been in them about a month!) and is just about going in to size 4 nappies. He has proper cute chunky legs which need the extra space.

It is amazing how quickly a little baby can change and I now can't wait for the next 6 months of changes and new found experiences for my littlest and last child. I just hope it slows down so I don't miss a thing.

Back To School: Shoes With Style

When buying the school uniform for the next year, we all seem to focus on trousers with a good amount of length, stain-proof polo shirts and jumpers with school logos. The one thing that always seems to get left till the last minute though is the shoes. 

You'd think that these would be the most important part as, since your child will be wearing them for around 6 hours at school, they need to be a multitude of different things. They need to be formal enough to fit in with the school dress code, have a stylish edge and most importantly, be comfortable. 

So today I thought I'd put together a list of my favourite brands that I think would look great at the start of the school year to give that formal school look but have a dash of style added in. 

Fashionable Plimsolls
I think a lot of children wear plimsolls nowadays. I remember when I was a child and they weren't in fashion at all, they were the thing you wore for p.e. if you had to but now, they are a stylish item to have in your shoe cupboard.

These Vans Atwood plimsolls are sure to make a cool statement on the first day of school. A way to keep on-trend on the playground but give your child a pair of Vans shoes that are lace fastened and will give them comfort for the whole day. 

The Classic Pair
Again, a staple item that has come from years back when they were a big fashion item. In the 90's, you were on top form if you had a pair of Kickers to show off at the beginning of term

Kickers Reasan laced school shoes are a smart and sporty pair made from leather. These moccasin style shoes boast a streamlined silhouette whilst standing out with the green Kickers logo emblazoned on the back. 

For The Velcro Lovers
Younger children struggle with laces, especially when rushing after p.e. or when they don't have time to stop playing to fasten them. Laces are just calling out to be tripped over and cause accidents so for the runaway child it's best to stick with Velcro to make play easier.

These Timberland Woodman Park shoes not only have a Velcro fastening for getting them on and off with ease, but they are a trainer style for comfort whilst still looking smart enough for school. These robust leather shoes from Timberland are perfect for wear and tear in the school yard. 

I think it is quite hard when buying for children these days as shoes need to have it all. From the comfort factor with good branding, to having a good sole and being robust enough to last even the most adventurous child. 

When it comes to shoe shopping (even shoes for the kids) I'm indecisive and so will probably buy the boys a few pairs each so they can alternate styles and see which they prefer after prolonged wear.

So what do you think, are your children partial to a bit of Velcro, do they pull off the plimsolls with style or are they a fan of the classics? 


Planning The Summer Holidays Around The Great British Weather

Every year we plan our big days out. Trip to the coast, walks down the canal, fun at the park. Frolicking around the garden and spending as much time as possible keeping cool by jumping in and out of the pool, trying to escape from the heat wave of the summer months. 

Why? Why do we do this?

Every year without fail, 'oh yes, the weather will be great and we'll be out all the time'. No, we are British, since when has the weather actually been nice in the summer. It. Just. Doesn't. Happen!!!

It's actually those last few weeks of the school year that the best weather comes and puts us under false pretence that this weather is here to stay, that we will finally get 6 full weeks of sunshine and a summer to dream about. 

But it doesn't...

So now we need to plan for a fun filled 6 whole weeks knowing that, for the most part, the weather will be rubbish and at best mediocre. 

And I don't mean setting up the Playstation or having Frozen on loop (oh gosh, I still have nightmares about that film. Let it frigging go!), I mean things that will entertain the kids, educate them and having them going to sleep knowing they've had a great day. 

So what can you do?...

Great British Bake Off - Children Style
You know, I know it, everyone knows it. Great British Bake Off is back for another series of cake, cake and more cake. Now is the best time to get out the scales, don a funky apron and get baking with the kids. 

Every week when it's on, figure out one of the bakes that you think you could master with the kids in tow and get down to business making your own version. Could you be this weeks master baker?

Super easy to do and cheap too as most items are pantry items that you'll most likely already have and it teaches your children a great life lesson of crafting their own culinary masterpieces whilst giving some great binding time between parent and child too. What's more, you get to eat the results... Win, win!

Visit Local Attractions
Now I can't talk about what it's like in your area but here in Yorkshire we have some great attractions. Places that are not only fun for kids but are educational too and will help your children to learn historical facts and see artefacts too whilst escaping from the rain.

We have visited York National Railway Museum a few times and are planning a summer jaunt there too in a few weeks. They are home to over 300 years of history and over a million wonderful objects.

The Great Hall houses some of the biggest locomotives and there is an indoor mini train for children to ride on and, if the weather cheers up at all, there is also a steam train which can take you on a small ride on the tracks for a few pound.

A must visit for train enthusiasts.

For historical photography and cinematography fans, there is the National Media Museum Bradford which is home to over 3.5 million items of historical significance. The UK's first IMAX theatre is there, the science of light gallery is a must see and there is a games lounge where you can learn about old games.

A lovely day out learning about the wonders of television and films.

The Royal Armouries Leeds is a wonderful place. It displays over 8500 objects throughout its six themed galleries and there is also an outdoor Tiltyard where live shows take place. Seeing all the history of weaponry The Hall of Steel is a stunning feature of the museum and can be viewed from every floor.

A truly wonderful place to marvel at beautiful weaponry and learn about how and why it was used and how things have changed since then.

If you live in or around Yorkshire then make sure you visit some of these attractions as you wont be disappointed. If not then I'm sure there are some fantastic museums and educational venues near by you which your children will love to check out.

So, make sure that you keep busy in these holidays. Even if the weather is rubbish, you can do a spot of baking indoors, pop to some museums that are fun and interactive or just don your wellies and get out there in the rain.