Essentials You'll Need For Baby At 6 Month Old

As any parent knows, babies need a lot of stuff. Humongous amounts when they are newborn but, when they get to around 6 month old, you will need to start gathering more and different items and products, ready for their next milestones. 

All the fun of weaning comes in to play, that messy time where babies get to try new foods and make a mess and then teething starts soon. This can be hard for parents and baby as we need to watch our little ones suffer with not much we can do. So when Chemist Direct got in touch to ask if we needed anything, I jumped at the chance to show what I bought for Joseph now he is about to hit 6 months old. 

Chemist Direct is an online shop where you can purchase medicines, toiletries, travel essentials, baby products and you can also order online prescriptions too. It is a hassle-free convenience as there is so much choice and there are no long queues, win, win!

I got to work scouring the site to find the essential extras I would need for Joseph over the next few months. Whilst around, I noted how easily I could find toiletries for myself and hair care deals (will be ordering some of the fab deals for myself in due course!) but I personally thought that the baby items were a little harder to navigate as there isn't one dedicated area just for them. 

Under 'medicines' you can get baby and child care such as nappy rash ointments, colic, teething aids and pain remedies but then flick to the 'health and wellbeing' section for mother and baby items, everything from conception and baby health to weaning and teethers. There is also baby haircare products under the 'toiletries' section. For me, I prefer if I can easily find everything. If there is one thing I dread, it's trying to find similar products on a website but there all in different sections. Ideally, there could do with being a 'Family' section just for these types of items. 

Anyway, back to the shopping and you can see our whole haul in the above picture. I'll break it down a bit shall I?!

Teething Essentials
The teething stage is a horrible time. There is not much you can do as those pesky teeth need to push through, but there are ways that we can help to ease the pain. 

Teething gels such as Dentinox are a great way to numb the gums and ease the pain a little and are only usually a couple of quid to buy. Chemist Direct have it a little cheaper if you bulk buy as a pack of 3 so now's the time to stock up. There's also Bickiepegs teething biscuits which are finger shaped hard biscuits. They are shaped to help the development of a baby's teeth, jaws and chewing skills whilst also easing teething pain. 

To help with teething during the night and those longer periods where the tooth is pushing through, I like to give a small amount of oral suspension paracetamol. You can buy expensive brands of this but to be honest, it's only the same stuff. 

Stock up of essentials like Dove soap which is great for sensitive skin, Sudocrem for nappy rash and a lovely baby shampoo which is delicate for little ones. Joseph also needs a good quality bath wash such as Oilatum Daily Soothe & Protect Junior Head To Toe Wash which works to reduce symptoms of dry skin and eczema for children and babies as he is prone to eczema on his face. 

Nasal spray and the NUK Nasal Decongester are also good things to have to hand just in case your baby gets blocked up. There's nothing worse than a baby that cannot drink milk due to a blocked nose. 

Weaning Essentials
I never find the need for big, expensive products like blenders and such. I think, apart from the actual bowls and spoons, a good quality masher, such as the NUK Annabel Karmel Masher & Bowl will do the perfect job to give a good baby food consistency. 

If your on your travels or need food in a hurry, it's always good to keep a few jars in the cupboard too, just in case. There are some great flavours to choose from to suit your baby's needs.

I chose a few extras in my haul such as Aqueous cream as it's a miracle cream and you'll never know when it's needed, a MAM Learn To Drink cup and some Simple wipes which are perfect for cleaning up those weaning messes but are still gentle on the skin.

Overall, I think this is some of the essentials I would advise that you need when your baby turns 6 month old, can you think of anything that I've missed?

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  1. the little masher looks great

    1. It's fab isn't it. Saves a fortune not having to buy a blender too x

  2. Gosh this takes me back!

    1. It's amazing the amount of things a little baby needs isn't it?!

  3. soothing teething granules are good and calm the baby down. My son liked them, but then didn't suffer with tooth cutting. Sadly me being me stocked up, 5 boxes now sit in the drawer.

    1. I've never tried the teething granules, will have to gives them a try x

  4. What a perfectly brilliant reference guide for new mums, really easy to follow and engaging

    1. Why thank you, I do like to write about essentials as I think that new mums will find it helpful x