Cuddledry Gingham Edge Baby Towel

When it comes to routines, I find that bath time is the worst part to sort out. We have every other aspect down to a tee, but even after 3 kids, it is hard work trying to organise baths, especially with a baby with all their lotions and potions, trying to keep them away from harsh chemicals in my own products but still thoroughly clean them top to bottom. Then there is the removing from the bath part...

Have you ever tried lifting a baby out of the bath whilst simultaneously holding a towel with your chin to wrap around said baby? It's hard isn't it, and most of the time it doesn't work, you'll just be stood there trying to grip and slippery baby whilst the towel flops to the floor. Yes, I have done this many times. 

That's where Cuddledry comes in...

Cuddledry towels are unique hooded apron towels that makes bath time safe for your baby. No more having to juggle to get your baby out of the bath with one hand on the towel as Cuddledry towels are here to save the day!

You may have noticed that I have a lovely new badge over there on the right hand side, that's because I am lucky to have been appointed as a Cuddledry Super Blogger and over the next few months will be sharing latest news and offers from Cuddledry as well as trying out some of their new and most loved products.

The Cuddledry baby towel attaches to the parent like an apron leaving both hands free. This makes lifting your baby out of the bath easy to simply picking them up and lovingly snuggling them into your arms whilst drying them. The towel still has a hooded corner to keep baby's head covered too. 

I was sent the beautiful gingham edge organic cotton Cuddledry to test out with Joseph and to give our opinions on. This super soft baby towel is made with the finest unbleached cotton and natural bamboo fibre, edged with a stylish gingham trim to make it a stand out product. 

The towel itself is silky smooth to the touch and has a unique double-layer system which draws water away from your baby's hair and skin, it is super absorbent and very fast drying to make sure that your baby's skin is left soft and nestled in a comfy cocoon of luxury.

I found the towel so easy to use, two poppers fasten it around your neck like an apron and at the other side of the towel is the hood where your baby will be placed when getting them out of the bath. Just simply fasten the towel onto yourself, scoop up your baby out of the bath placing their head into the hooded part and then snuggle them towards your body, keeping them wrapped up warm and you dry from any wayward splashes.

With natural antibacterial properties the towel perfect for sensitive baby skin as it doesn't rub baby's skin up the wrong way, it just cuddles to them, drawing our any water. 

For Joseph, who has eczema I had found it a struggle to wrap and dry him without annoying his skin before I used the Cuddledry towel but now it's simple as it doesn't irritate his skin at all. I think this is more due to the fact that I now don't need to rub the towel around to dry him, the Cuddledry towel simply absorbs the water quickly without having to move it around. 

Now, after his bath, Joseph loves having a play and wiggle around in his super comfy towel whilst I know that it is soft on his skin and will dry him super quick without affecting his eczema. The biggest plus for me? No longer having to hold a towel with my chin whilst trying to get a wet, slippery and wriggly baby out of the bath!


  1. Sarah Greene20:09

    Oh adorable and that towel is a genius idea indeed

  2. what a great idea, bathing our baby is usually a 2 person job haha

    1. Haha bath time is normally so hard work!

  3. That is so sweet!

  4. My sister is about to become a first time mum and this towl is just what she needs