Cosatto Story Owlet Cotbed

Being a lover of big, bold colours, it would make sense that Cosatto is a brand I love. Their motto 'Baby stuff with personality ' suits me to a tee and I have tried to bring the boys up to like a wide range of diverse colours and not be put in to any box. So when the Cosatto Story Owlet Cotbed was released, I knew it would be another winner. 

I first saw the Cosatto Story Cot Bed last year when I visited their HQ on a press day and instantly fell in love. The bright colours stand out from the crowd and give a focal point in any baby's room, just as bright and amazing as their prams and car seats. 

The Owlet is the newest of the Story Cot Beds and I personally think that it was made with Joseph in mind. You see, when I found out I was having our third little boy, I instantly knew that the theme of his nursery would be owls. Seeing the Owlet Cot Bed was a sign that I was on the right track and I then began building his room around this design and colour scheme.

Cosatto’s Story cot bed has surprise after surprise. not only does it come complete with an under-cot drawer and cot-top baby changer but there is no need to buy a separate junior bed as, the cotbed comes with a panel for easily changing to a junior bed. It can also convert to a sofa too to make it a 3 in 1 bed and last the years.

Initial Thoughts
The Cosatto Owlet Cotbed is a stunning piece of furniture. I adore the light mint-green colour with the owl design. It is a style and colour that can be suitable for either boy or girl and creates a peaceful environment to settle down to sleep.

I love how the colour matches in perfectly with the colour-scheme in Joseph's room. Although, to be honest, since it is a soft mint-green in colour, it can gel well with pretty much most colour-ways. Joseph's room is cream and mauve and having this cotbed against the subtle background makes it stand out with pride.

The Cosatto Story cotbed is a 3 in 1 as it can go from a cotbed, to junior bed and then a sofa and is suitable as a cotbed from birth and the junior bed up to 5 years old. Then being converted to a sofa to last the years.

It has safety teething rails and the mattress can be positioned into 3 heights, so as to be lowered as your baby grows and can move around more. Coming with a matching cot-top changer and under-cot drawer to just add to the possibilities with this cotbed.

The cotbed undergoes the equivalent of a 10kg child jumping on it 1000 times in 5 different spots to make sure that it is safe and sturdy enough to take a baby and growing child over the years without being compromised. I love how Cosatto make sure that their products are super safe for babies and it puts my mind at rest when purchasing big baby items, knowing that they have been tested out to such lengths.

The Big Build
Since I was in charge of little Mr Joseph, my husband was in charge of the build. This filled me with a sense of trepidation as he isn't the most DIY averse person. His best tool is a hammer so I was apprehensive and ordered him to call his friend for back up.

When it came to building, it took maybe an hour to get it all up and running although there was a lot of colourful language coming from the nursery whilst they were struggling to get the allen key to turn whilst tightening the underside of the cotbed.

Then it was there, in all it's glory, stood firm and solid. Now all it needed was a little boy to get tired and take ownership of it...

When it came to sorting Joseph's room, I was stumped as to how everything would fit in. He has the smallest of the bedrooms in our house and this became a problem when I wanted to start buying for his room.

We had drawers for clothing, the nursing chair and the Owlet cotbed which take up most for the space. Knowing that we would be needing extra space for blankets, sleeping bags and nappies whilst also having somewhere to change Joseph and dress him after bath time, I knew that this would be a stretch to fit anything else in.

That's why the Cosatto Story cotbed comes in handy. The storage drawer underneath makes for a perfect place to store all Joseph's spare blankets and nappies, in a spot that is easily accessible when either in the cotbed and needing a spare blanket to keep him warm or for nappy changes on the cot-top changer.

Then of course, comes the cot-top changers. How handy is this?! Sitting on top of the cotbed and fastened at the back to stop it from tipping off, it has a large space for Joseph to lay on whilst I am getting him dressed, undressed, changing his nappy, and 2 little compartments to store spare nappies, wipes, creams, whatever you need really.

The Mattress
The Cumfi Kip Cot Mattress is super soft and has been filled with a luxury fibre filling to give that top quality edge. It has a removable cover which is breathable and waterproof to protect against any accidents and can be washed at 60° to give a thorough deep down clean.

As with all Cosatto products, it comes with a free 4 year guarantee which puts my mind at rest knowing that Cosatto are so confident in their products safety that they will protect them for so long. It also comes in 3 sizes, crib, cot and cotbed.

It fits perfectly in the cotbed with no room between the edge of the mattress and the sides whilst giving a comfy place to lay and sleep.

The Verdict
So, did Joseph take to to using the Story cotbed well? I am happy to say that he did. I was planning to have to cotbed in our room and slowly transition Joseph into sleeping in it but due to the size of the cotbed and it being wide and our doors being small, once it was built in Joseph's room, we could not move it out without taking it apart. And for the simple fact that the base is hard to attach underneath due to limited space to fasten with the allen key, this was not an option. So instead, Joseph ventured into his own room and this actually came with its own advantages.

As Joseph was now in his own room on a night, he actually slept more. I think it was a mix between sleeping in a new place which was big enough for him to move around and comfy for him too, and also the fact that he now wasn't woken by myself and my husband moving or snoring on my husbands part.

So overall, the Cosatto Story cotbed is a winner in my eyes. Not only is it a beauty to look at and have so many options with regards to growing older with Joseph, but the cot-top changer and under-cot drawer means that it is a great space saving product too.

Joseph is loving his new cotbed and now only wakes once in the night for a feed and often, not at all, and that's a big plus in my book as now mummy is getting some much needed rest!

And here it is, Joseph's finished nursery in all its glory, what do you think?

Family Fever


  1. Aww I love the look of the cot bed its such a gergeous colour and I love that it will last u ages. http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk

    1. It is fab, thanks for the comment x

  2. Anonymous20:25

    I love all Cosatto products & I'm totally gutted my boy is too big for one of these. This colour is beautiful & it looks great in his nursery. I wanted the robot one but couldn't justify buying another cotbed when he already had one. Huge fan of Gro products too :D x

    1. I love the Robot one too. I think it is something that you need to get from birth to benefit x

  3. This is awesome! My brother and his girlfriend are expecting a baby. Ive shown them this and they love it with a small amount of space this would help out lots thanks for the awesome review :)

    1. It is great for saving space :-)

  4. Oh my word. The most gorgeous cot ever!

  5. i love the color and the owl design on it

    1. Me too, it'll match loads of different room designs too x

  6. I enjoyed reading very much, I like the storage within the cot and Love the colour and design x

    1. I think the storage is a great idea for saving space x

  7. Anonymous16:37

    Fab furniture nice to see fun furniture for a change!

    1. I love that it's not plain and boring furniture x

  8. I love how the owl 'watched over him' at night - totes cute! I want another baby now just to have an excuse for this cot! And three levels is SUCH at good idea - there's always that inbetween level that you definitely need. #familytested

    1. Definitely, Joseph is at the middle height at the moment which is perfect for him x

  9. I love cosatto products


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