Mum Tries | Miraclesuit Tankini & Skirt

When it comes to swimwear Miraclesuit need no introduction. They are the market leader in the shaping arena for both swimwear and shape-wear with the tagline "Look 10lbs Lighter in 10 Seconds" and are guaranteed to flatter, shape and streamline your silhouette.

For a new mum like me, it is a dream come true as it has three times the "holding power" of the average swimsuit and accomplishes this without the conventional girdle control linings, simply engineered like no other swimsuit in the world. making us mums look and feel beautiful. 

Patricia Eve are the sole UK distributor for Miraclesuit swimwear and feature all the new season and latest styles on their website as well as listing stockists for the brand. They were lovely enough to send me out a lovely Miraclesuit tankini and skirt set to try out for myself.

Wearing swimwear can be quite daunting after giving birth as, not only can you have stretch-marks and the like, but your body will have also changed and it is a lot to get used to. Miraclesuit make this process easier as their suits hug to your body and hold you in to give you back that shape without having to ditch the doughnuts.

One of my main concerns when first wearing the Miraclesuit, was that I would feel as though I couldn't breathe when wearing it because of all the sucking in control. That was far from the case though and it is not only comfortable but it also gave me a much more flattering silhouette.

I chose a tankini set as I much prefer these rather than a regular swimsuit. Opting for a skirt bottom to cover up hips and the tops of my legs. It's weird but after 3 pregnancies, the part of my body that I am most self-conscious about is the tops of my legs.

The tankini top is black and white with an animal print design which not only looks stylish but also takes the eye away from the figure and on to the design instead whilst the skirt is black and matches the edging on the tankini top without looking too in your face, as you would if the whole set was animal print.

The side ruching helps to disguise those pesky muffin-tops and the padded bra lining gives the bust support whilst smoothing out curves. The tummy control is great and the suit is really flattering to wear. It shapes, hugs and slims the body to give you a really nice figure and it doesn't feel too tight or restrictive whilst on.

Overall, I love the Miraclesuit tankini and skirt set as not only does it fit perfectly whilst hugging to my body and giving my comfort and piece of mind whilst out in the sun, but it does actually do exactly what it says, making me look 10lb light, if not more, without having to diet or worry.

And that is something that all new mums like me just want to do, to be able to feel comfortable whilst at the beach, swimming or just chilling in the hot weather, without having to worry about our figure, our lumps and bumps and just having fun instead. 


  1. Wendy Wooo08:06

    Wish I had your figure after having a baby!!!

    1. Ha this tankini is great at hiding things ;-)

  2. looks lovely i will be keeping an eye out for something like this for myself now as in not to confident in swinwear since having my child

    1. There are so many other designs too to suit different styles x


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