The Story Of Three Babies

When you find out you're pregnant with your first child, it is a magical moment, a moment when you imagine all the things that you'll get to do whilst being pregnant, get scared about the birth and dream about seeing your baby for the first time. After the first pregnancy, you know what to expect and so other pregnancies become easier and usually a lot lazier too. 

Here are a few of the things that I think change as you have more children. Do you recognise any of these?

Maternity Clothes
1st baby: You start wearing maternity clothes as soon as you show a sign of any bump at all, even if it's really just a big lunch that has bloated you. *no, that is obviously a baby bump!*
2nd baby: You wear your regular clothes for as long as possible, holding off the tent style maternity wear.
3rd baby: Your maternity clothes ARE your regular clothes. I even continued to wear my maternity clothing after the birth, just because I was so used to them and they are super comfy. Who cares if they are unflattering, I'm covered in baby sick (or other bodily fluids) 90% of the time anyway.

Baby Clothes
1st baby: You pre-wash all the newborn clothing, sometimes twice, as soon as you buy them and a week before you're due just to make sure they're clean. You then colour co-ordinate and fold them neatly, and in order, in the baby's set of drawers.
2nd baby: You check to make sure that your first babies clothes are clean and discard only the ones with the darkest stains, and then buy only the necessities that you really, really need for this baby.
3rd baby: Boys can wear pink, right? And I might as well keep him in his babygrow since onesies are all the rage these days. I'm a style concious mum don't ya know?!

Getting Ready For The Birth
1st baby: You practice your breathing every day, visit the antenatal ward, birthing rooms and go to every appointment and class to make sure you're ready for the birth.
2nd baby: You don't bother doing anything because you remember that last time that the breathing didn't do a thing and you know where the hospital is anyway, right?!
3rd baby: You ask for an epidural in your eighth month of pregnancy. I already knew that I would be having an epidural in my third pregnancy as I suffer with high blood pressure in labour and so couldn't wait for it to take the pain away. Unfortunately, Joseph decided to fly out and there was no time at all to have it done.

Crying Baby
1st baby: At the first sign of distress, no actually not even distress, at the first frown or slight noise you pick up your baby and go through the stages of 'does he need feeding, changing, is he tired, etc etc, until something works'
2nd baby: You pick the baby up when his cries threaten to wake your first born child.
3rd baby: You teach your older children how to wind up his favourite musical toy and plus, they say that letting babies cry is a good way to make them learn, controlled crying and all that!

Changing Nappies
1st baby: You change your baby's nappy every hour, whether they need it or not and apply nappy rash cream each time. 
2nd baby: You change their nappy every two to three hours, if needed, usually when they have a bottle.
3rd baby: You try to change their nappy before others point it out and complain about the smell or you see it sagging to their knees, which ever comes first. 

Baby Activities
1st baby: You take your newborn to Baby Massage, Baby Story Hour and swimming at least twice a week to let him 'socialise' with other babies. 
2nd baby: You take them to Baby Story Hour as it gives you a break from reading the books for a change. 
3rd baby: You take them to the supermarket and on the school run, they can socialise at the school gates anyway!

At Home With Your Baby
1st baby: You spend most of your days just gazing at your baby, wondering what he is dreaming about. 
2nd baby: You spend most of your day watching to be sure your older children aren't poking or hitting the baby.
3rd baby: You spend most of your day hiding from your children *usually with one of their chocolate bars for company*

Of course, with all my children, I adore and am thankful for them, but after your first, you get to know what you need to do and aren't as cautious as you once were about every little thing actually making it much more of a relaxing, enjoyable experience to have. Can you relate to any of these experiences?

- This post was previously published in April 2015 but I have shared it again due to it still been relevant and one of my favourite fun posts


  1. this made me laugh, I have just had my third daughter, I can relate to a lot of this

    1. It's amazing how we treat them differently :-)

  2. love it!! very funny & very true hehe, brill post :)

    1. Thank you :-) I think most parents can relate xx

  3. Sarah Greene10:02

    Hahaha I have 2 and can already relate!

    1. Hehe wait till you have your third ;-)

  4. It is so true, my stepdaughter has just had her first little one and she's trying to tell me how to do everything properly because I take so many shortcuts!

    1. I think when you've already had children, everything is so much easier and you work out quicker ways to do things :-)

  5. I like your outlook on life and the way you do things! Just follow your own instincts and don't let others change your mind.

  6. Anonymous11:28

    This made me laugh! We're on number 2 and I've vowed NO MORE (I love them tons though) the first definitely gets the special attention xx

  7. I love this! I'm on my first but already think next time around I will be more chilled and prepared. The nappy sagging to the knees bit had me laughing out loud!! Thanks so much for linking up to #bestandworst and please pop back again xxx

  8. Haha, as I'm about to have my first I am still in over-cautious mode. I've got too much time on my hands I think! ;-) xx

    1. It's the over-thinking things that makes it worse. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x

  9. Anonymous20:53

    lol this is so true!


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