Our Week In Pictures

I haven't done a weekly update post in a while, pregnancy and a newborn took their toll and I just wasn't well enough or didn't have time. Now that we are all sorted and in a routine, I thought I'd better get back to my weekly updates of what we've been doing, showing you this is photos. 

First up, we went to the park a couple of times this week. I love the fact that it is only round the corner from us so, when the weather is nice, we can just pop there all the time for the kids to play and the wear them out too. 

Taking their Micro Scooters up with them, they enjoyed the slide and fireman's pole and also just getting some fresh air outdoors. It's great to be able to do this again now the weather is a bit better. It was the first time Joseph got to visit the park too. He wasn't really impressed with all the kids shouting but did like being out in the sunshine. 

I'm obsessed with baby clothing. There is so much out there to choose from and I'm a lover of big prints such as on this all-in-one that I bought from Boots. As you can see from Joseph's face, he isn't very happy at all. He has had a cold this week so has been very grumpy. Hopefully it'll go soon though.

Then, on Friday it was time for a bit of relaxation for me. I had won a voucher for Sassoon Salon back at Christmas but had been too ill to go in, so used the voucher this week instead. The prize was a colour, cut and treatment which cost a small fortune, but luckily I didn't have to pay. 

It was an amazing day. The stylists were lovely and went through everything with me. What I wanted and their advice. I knew that I wanted quite a bit cut off and then they got to work. I had highlights put in and then it coloured in between the highlights. I then had a treatment put on to protect the colour and then it was time for it cutting. I absolutely love the end result. What do you think? 

So we end on Mother's Day. I got some lovely bits from the kids and my hubby, my favourite chocolates (Guylain of course) and handmade cards. We then had a yummy chicken roast dinner and settled down to do a bit of drawing. 

I showed Thomas what I used to do when I was a kid. Did you ever do this?


  1. great weekend, nice to hear xx

  2. Kim Styles11:23

    yes I doodled lotslike this - usually all over my text books at school

  3. What a joy FOR you all - love the drawing

  4. Love the bus baby gro !

  5. I have a creative book I was presented in school age 7 ! I have doodles on that - all I get is " that's ancient ! 45 years old and still the same crafts !


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