8 March 2015

Our 3 Boys - One Month On

Today, the 8th March, marks one month since I gave birth to Joseph. You can read the birth story here about how quick my labour went and that I was in and out of hospital quicker than I thought I would be.

4 weeks! how can it be 4 weeks already. Time has just flown by. So I thought I'd do a quick update to tell you how we've been getting on over the past month as a family of 5.

I was a little worried about hos the boys would react to having another brother in the household. Charlie is a mummy's boy and I thought that he would hate the fact that I would now have someone else that would be taking my time up too. But no, both Thomas and Charlie have taken it very well and even try to help out with everything. 

Thomas and Charlie are both loving being big brothers to Joseph. Thomas, constantly asking to hold him, feed him, help in any way, and Charlie just loves to cuddle and kiss him, although I think Joseph is starting to tire of being prodded and touched all the time. 

Joseph himself is thriving. Putting weight on and growing well, loving his milk too. I get to see him grow as a little boy everyday. Watching him as he notices the world around him, getting mesmerised by glimmers of light or sounds that he's not heard before.

Seeing his brothers get home from school and he just watches them, wondering where they have been all day, just staring at his big brothers, those same brothers that sat on my knee chatting to my bump whilst he was tucked up inside me. You can see his eyes light up when he hears the boys voices, knowing that he recognises them.

I made this Flipagram to show just how much Joseph has changed and grown over the past month. It's amazing how quickly baby's change, some days looking like me, other days, like his daddy or even his brothers, I love looking back and noticing those little things about him. 

I can't wait to see how the boys develop together over the next few months, to see how Joseph grows and starts to get more active, waking for longer and starting to play. I just can't wait!


  1. lovely to hear they are enjoying been big brothers and helping out

  2. I follow you on Instagram and love seeing your photos. It's great to watch a baby grow
    Lorraine hanning xxx