Week Overdue: The Waiting Game

Well, I was supposed to be taking a break from the blog as bump was due last Friday and I want a few weeks to get my head around having three children. But alas, he I'd still holding out, well holding in actually and won't budge at all. Today, I am 6 days overdue and getting very impatient waiting for bump to arrive. 

On Tuesday I went to the midwife who gave me a stretch and sweep to try and get him moving. A stretch and sweep is basically where she (the midwife) places 2 fingers into the cervix and sweeps around the edge of it whilst also stretching it a little. This is the try and separate the membranes and can bring on labour. The stretch and sweep itself isn't painful. It does feel a little uncomfortable, as you'd expect when someone is fiddling down there, but it's not that bad really. 

After the visit to the midwife, I went for a little walk as I thought this may help to push bump down and hopefully out. Towards the afternoon I was getting little achy pains so decided to try a hot bath. Hot baths aren't recommended in pregnancy as they can bring on labour, so now in overdue, that doesn't really matter. 

The hot bath actually started to work a little and I lost my plug. Not the bath plug haha but my mucus plug which is what covers the cervix. This usually happens before labour although the mucus plug can replenish itself so isn't actually a sign that labour is imminent. Oh, and in case you were wondering, a mucus plug basically looks a little like thick snot (tmi I know) and can have blood in it. 

I got myself quite excited at this point as the midwife had already pointed out that I was 2cm dilated, the stretch and sweep, walk, hot bath and fact that I'd lost my plug might actually work. Was this labour about to start? I decided, to help things along and probably make myself look like an idiot, to dance around the room, wriggling my hips and moving as much as possible. Again the aches were there. 

But then, it all wore off. As fast as it had started to be painful, that was it. It just disappeared. I was totally gutted! 

So now, it's back to the waiting game. If bump isn't born by Monday then I will have to go into hospital to be induced. Well, not induced really, as I'm already 2cm dilated, they don't have to induce me, they'll instead just busy my waters and let labour start itself then. 

Once again, I'll let you all know as and when anything happens. You can keep track on twitter where I do my daily moaning. Give me a follow if you don't already @Yorkshire_Mummy


  1. have you tried eating fresh pineapple ? if your ready to go in to labour it will work. worked for all of mine.

  2. Yes, fresh pineapple! It softens the cervix (my midwife told me that when I was pregnant!) It worked for me.
    Good luck :) xx

  3. Oh I hope something happens for you soon. I tried the fresh pineapple too, and didn't work for me but it was very yummy! I went into labour after a long walk on the hills lol. #maternitymatters

  4. oh no your little one is definitely teasing you with those signs!!! Hope it all moves along nice and quickly now!!! xx

  5. Now that I know your little man is here, reading this has made me smile. The waiting and the wondering! I know what its like to be overdue though and its not much fun. I think you did wonderfully! x x Thanks for linking up to #MaternityMatters x x

  6. Gosh - you've got a bump and a half - time surely passes - great to look back on