28 January 2015

Week 39/40 Pregnancy Update: OMG, I'm Having a Baby!

Being pregnant with your first baby is a totally different thing to when you are pregnant with your second, third, forth baby. Your first baby is about finding out all these things about pregnancy, learning as you go, admiring every second and dreaming about that little person that you get when it's all over. 

When you already have children, it is totally different. You have done it all before so in a way, you are just working through the motions. The sickness, 12 week scan, feeling baby move for the first time, 20 week scan and finding out the gender, kicks getting harder, heartburn and then labour. 

I've followed this list and ticked everything off as I went, but then tonight I realised something. Yes, labour will happen soon and that will be the last thing off my pregnancy list, but after that, I'll have a baby. 

A baby! My third baby. How did this happen. Like, I obviously know how it happened, but, after going through this list of pregnancy timings, I kind of forgot that there would be a baby at the end of things. 

And that knocked me for six!

Today, I am 39 weeks and 5 days. Between now and the 9th of February (which is when the hospital have to induce me) my baby has got the chance to make his own decision on his birthday and arrive any day he wants. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

At 40 weeks, the baby will be on average, around 51cm in length and have a weight of 7lb 6oz. He will now understand my voice and will be more comfortable around me over anyone else when arrives. That is why skin to skin contact is so important. For all those months, bump has heard my heartbeat constantly and so, when the skin to skin happens, it calms down the baby after such a big birthing experience. 

So, at the moment, it is just a waiting game. He will arrive when he is ready but hopefully soon as I, and the rest of the family, cannot wait to meet him and get baby cuddles. 


  1. omg so very close and very exciting , rememeber to get as much rest as you can its not gonna be long now hun x

  2. I hope he arrives soon! It won't be long now though x

  3. Not long to go now, how exciting! Good luck!! xx