Week 37 Pregnancy Update

I know, I know, I forgot to update you all with how my scan went last week. (You can read about why I was having a scan here) but I have just been mega busy this week with Thomas going back to school, Charlie starting nursery and sorting everything out in the babies room, ready for him. 

Anyway, last Friday I went into hospital for a further growth scan. I was exactly 36 weeks then and bubs was estimated at weighing around 6lb 1oz, not a bad size really. But since my growth charts are based on the fact that both, Thomas and Charlie, were big babies, he is measuring up a little small compared to them. 

A close up of bubs face at my scan
Now, this is nothing for me to worry about as it may just mean that he won't be as big as them (I mean, not every baby is the same) but the hospital did say that my midwife may want to send me for another scan at 38 weeks just to make sure he is growing okay in there. 

Being at 37 weeks means that I am now classed as 'term' in my pregnancy. Despite being physically ready to come into the world, this doesn't mean that he will arrive any time soon. A normal labour can come anywhere between 37-42 weeks as this is classed as full term. 

Getting towards these last stages of pregnancy, I have become very tired indeed. Although I know that it's great that he's cooking well inside me, I really can't wait for his due date to arrive now as I feel bad for the boys, who keep asking me to play but I cannot. I'm either too tired or, cannot get down into the floor without being in pain. 

There are many old wives tales about things that can help you go in to labour, spicy food raspberry leaf tea, fresh pineapple etc, but, to be honest, nothing works (I have tried these before), baby will only arrive when he is good and ready. 

You can however, go on long walks, bounce on exercise balls etc as these are shown to help baby engage into the pelvis and soften the cervix which could cause contractions, but again, if baby isn't ready to labour, then these will more than likely just be Braxton Hicks that will wear off after a while. 

I have been having a lot of tightening's over the past couples of weeks now so can imagine that bubs is getting ready for his big arrival, but if not, I'll be here next week with my next update. 


  1. Glad all was ok at your scan. I'm sure wee one will be perfectly sized when they arrive!!

  2. Sarah greene13:11

    I luv that scan picture, such a clear face, so cute

  3. Clare Spacy15:58

    So glad I don't have kids, I'd be so scared to go through all of this. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly xoxo

  4. Oh, hang on there. I know how tired you feel in the last few weeks. Babies come when they decide to do it. Hope your next scan goes well. Hugs.


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