Chuggington Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set

Being an Official Tomy Blogger, I am lucky enough to receive some of their brand new toys to review and trial. Not only is this a privilege to do, but the boys love it too, obviously, as it means that they are gifted toys from their favourites ranges, and this time, that is Chuggington. 

The Chuggington Stack Track range is huge. A plethora of tracks that can all be built separately to create their own little set, or can be built together to create new tracks, vast tracks that can be built outwards or upwards for extra speedy fun. 

We have been lucky to receive the Brewster's Big Build Adventure Stack Track Set which can be build into 4 different layouts using the one set. We chose to go with the layout shown in the front of the box as it gave extra height, thus more speed to the trains but you can also see all of the layouts available on the box too and they are easy to assemble together.

The Stack Track risers are what gives the extra height and these are easy to put together, even Thomas can connect these to the track when he decides to change positions of the track.  

The track comes with Brewster and Tyne engines so that you can play as soon as it's built and features a rotating crane that will lift the engines up and down to the highest and lowest points on the track. The rickety bridge collapses as trains go through and can be fixed by simply flipping the switch to allow trains to run through. Lets see whether Brewster and Tyne can fix it before anyone falls through the bridge. 

This set is great because it also has a working escalator which takes the trains to the very top of the track. You simply twist the crank and the escalator will begin to climb, pulling any trains with it, up to the top. 

Thomas and Charlie love playing with the Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set, keeping the occupied for hours as they create the track, play with the crane, bridge and escalator and try to work out new layouts which will get the trains zooming around faster and faster. 

If you decide that you want to expand your track, then you are in luck, as the Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set comes with 2 adapters so that this track can easily connect to any other from the range. 

You can find out more information on the Tomy website about the Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set, the whole Stack Track range and where it is available to purchase. 

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  1. Anonymous13:27

    The idea of the lift bit seems fun as my child hates pushing their train up to the top of the track all the time

    Rachel G


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