2 January 2015

36 Week Pregnancy Update

So, today I hit the 36 week mark. Only 4 weeks left till my due date and soon, bump should arrive to meet us all and have cuddles. 

This week has been great Christmas-wise and spending time with the family, but bad in the pregnancy stakes as my midwife appointment, again threw up some problems which needed checking out. 

First of all, even though I had a growth scan 2 weeks ago, my bump is measuring smaller than it should be and is now crossing over a percentile line and I need to go for a scan again to check that he is growing okay. My scan is this afternoon so I'll update you once I'm back home. 

Secondly, my midwife, had me on the bed to check bumps heart rate and thought it was a little fast. To be sure that everything was okay, she kept the doppler on my bump for 7 minutes and during this time, bumps heart rate was staying at around 190bpm which is way too fast (ideally, it should be 110-160bpm) and so this meant that I needed to go into hospital to be monitored. 

Laying on a hospital bed for an hour with machines checking bumps heart rate was horrible. I hate laying on my back at the best of times, but with a pulled muscle and a heavy baby, it meant that I was so uncomfortable indeed. Luckily, after being monitored, bumps heart rate had dropped to around the 140bpm mark and they said that everything was fine. They did note though, that I am having contractions, regular contractions, around 5 minutes apart. These are not painful at all and not massive ones so they weren't really worried but did point out that it could be a sign that bump will arrive early and that, if I was to get any bad pains, I should come straight back in. 

So, that was my week of pregnancy. I will update again once I have more news and am a little sad that soon, these updates will be finished although that does mean that I will get to meet bump and that's a plus!


  1. sounds hectic! hope everything goes well for you

  2. Wow busy.. but exciting ^^ :) every weeks a new challenge but its worth it!

  3. Hope all goes ok at your scan this afternoon

  4. hope everything goes well at scan today x

  5. How very exciting but challenging!
    Good luck x

  6. All the best for your new arrival you must be shattered after all the festivities :)

  7. Pam Francis Gregory2 January 2015 at 19:18

    Good luck with the scan

  8. Picture :- You look good, and bump looks good. If you had contractions it would be normal for you to feel them. Seems likely that it was Braxton Hicks contractions you were having which is normal. Braxton Hicks contractions does not mean labour. Bump :- Fast heart rate. Was your heart rate also fast, as sometimes this can be a cause, and often Expectant Mums can bi in a rush or excited / nervous when attending antenatal clinic appointments, which could lead to fast heart rate. That may have been why staff suggested you rest on bed during foetal (Bump) monitoring. Though likely they would /could have offered you some seating (possibly recliner chair if available) which could have allowed for monitoring, resting and may have been more comfortable / acceptable to yourself. Having discharged you home, then it would seem that monitoring was satisfactory. Best Wishes with Expected New Addition to Your Family.

    Rachel Craig