Pink Lining Blooming Gorgeous Changing Bag

When it comes to choosing a changing bag, we all know that it should be practical, spacious and have everything you need in a bag, but as mums, we all know that it needs to be pretty too. A changing bag isn't just for holding nappies and everything apart from the kitchen sink but it's a way for us mums to get a bit of style back into our day, even when we look like hell, covered in baby puke, we know that we have a bag that stands out from the rest.

The brand that stands out in the changing bag stakes is Pink Lining and their adorable range of designs. Pink Lining is the brand that most mums dream about when it comes to having a changing bag to die for. Their cute and funky designs stand out and showcase just what wonderful bags they are, not to mention all the hidden extras inside that help to create the perfect bag for mum and baby.

Having a look at their ranges, Yummy Mummy, Mama et Bebe and Blooming Gorgeous, the one that I loved the most was the Blooming Gorgeous range as they have a cheerful tulip and daffodil appliqué on the front of them. This range of bags was added to the collection in Autumn/Winter 2009 and has now become one of the Pink Lining signature baby changing bag styles and I love it.

After much deliberation on which from the range to pick, I went for the Blooming Gorgeous in the Wise Owl design as it's in keeping with everything owl that we have already bought for our little bump and it is a neutral colour and so will match whichever pram I decide to go for and bump and my outfits too. 

The Blooming Gorgeous bag and outside front pocket and 2 external pockets for easy access and the vintage inspired shape opens up to feature a range of extras that you will more than likely need whilst out and about. 2 large elasticated pockets for holding nappies, 2 insulated bottle holders (which can keep bottle warm for up to 4 hours), a small phone sized pocket and a detachable mirror just so mum can make sure there's no up-chuck covering her face before meeting anyone. Not only that but it comes with a padded changing mat and wet zip bag too which are great for whilst out using public changing rooms or needing to do a change somewhere random. 

It is slightly wider than some of the other styles of Pink Lining bags (measuring 38(L) x 25.5(H) x 19(W) cm), giving more room for all your baby bits and bobs and the bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which I find really practical and it's long enough to fit over pram handle or to simply throw over your shoulder whilst your carrying your baby. 

I love the look and feel of the bag from the outside, and the material is easy to wipe clean from spillages. The inside of the bag has the famous pink lining bright pink interior which stands out so much and makes the bag extra girly for mum. 

I would definitely recommend Pink Lining Changing bags to any new or expecting mum and also anyone who is looking for a gift for a new mum as they are super stylish but practical also and come in a variety of different designs to suit everyone's tastes. 

This bag retails at £79 and you can see Pink Lining's full range of products here. Do you have a Pink Lining bag or would like to buy one when you have a new bundle of joy?


  1. this is gorgeous I love the owl print

  2. Sarah green19:30

    I have always wanted a pink lining bag but could never afford one and now my children are older :(

  3. Pam Francis Gregory10:12

    Very stylish!

  4. The practicality and simplicity are the main qualities of this bag. It is very user-friendly. We also like its unusual design with such details.

  5. Anonymous09:52

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  6. I like your bag style greatly and I hope that I will do my best to sew the same one or buy one for me.