It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I can't believe we are only a few days away from Christmas now. This year seems to have flown by. So fast in fact, that I only just realised that I haven't write a post about our tree yet. I know, I know, everyone has a tree at Christmas, but ours is special. It doesn't just have baubles and tinsel. It has family love and pride. 

You see, every year we collect new baubles, fun and funky ones that are child-friendly and suit our bright, informal style. We always go for a traditional style in out house with green, red and gold being the base of our declarations but then like to perk it up with a pop of colour and modern thrown in too. 

So, of course we start with the lights, too many to count, covering the tree. And then gold tinsel to give it a base colour. 

For the actual decorations, we have a range of different ones that we use. I start off by colour-coordinating them. Yes, I am a bit obsessed with order and would never have two of the same decorations next to each other on the tree. 

So I start off with all the big red and white decorations. With the boys helping, we spread them out, all over the tree until they're all on. We then move on to personalised decorations which sit right at the front if the tree. One got each of the boys (we'll have to get a another for bump next year) and then on to the snowmen and fabric tree hangings. 

Next up is a set that we got last year of round, different coloured baubles that have cute pictures or Xmas sayings on them. These get placed around the tree just to give a bit of a different colour to the tree and look stunning. 

Finally it's the turn of the mini red glittery baubles. We have a lot of these and they go on in any place where there is a little space, just to fill the gap and of course, not forgetting the star on the top. 

I'm not really one for having a star on the top, I'd much prefer Santa up there but just can't find one that I like. So this year, to add to our range of tree decorations, we made our own. You can read how we made them here. And the finished one has been popped on to the top of the tree with the star. A priceless tree topper, made by the boys and something that will always be cherished. 

That's it, our finished tree. Do you have a set colour scheme for your tree or do you just go with the flow? Have you or your children made any decorations for the tree this year?


  1. looks great, I love the homemade santa

  2. looks so Christmasy! cant wait for christmas

  3. Ahh, I love the decorations! :)

  4. Pam Francis Gregory11:13

    Lovely tree!

  5. Happy Holidays

  6. Lovely Christmas tree

  7. The Christmas Eve brings us only a good mood. We get a huge inspiration from the decorating our house and preparing different holiday gifts.

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